Prayer for an unwritten language

Wycliffe Bible Translators regularly shares prayer needs from people groups around the world.  This week the focus is on the Alugu language community of East Asia.  This community of 3,500 is part of the “Bibleless People Project”  and has a definite need for translation.

  • Pray that even now God would raise up someone to begin translation among the Alugu. The Ethnologue lists Alugu as an unwritten language.
  • Ask God to provide his Word in the form best suited to the speakers.
  • Pray that hearts and minds would be prepared to receive God’s truth in his perfect timing.
  • If you’d like to learn more about praying for language communities in sensitive regions of the world,  click here for more information and guidelines.


Chaz’s trip to Guatemala

Here is Chaz’s report on his trip to Guatemala.  Thank you all for praying for him!

Guatemala report May2018

Wycliffe year in review

Go here to see a short video,  presented by Bob Creson,  the president of Wycliffe USA.  It shows the progress reached in the past year,  thanks to the dedicated workers and partners of Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Thank you!

In the printing process!

Praise God that the Tonac Mixtec New Testament is being printed!  Pray that God would guide every aspect of the printing process  —  for functional printers,  a smooth book-binding process,  and secure packing and shipping of the New Testaments to the language area.

Download October’s Finish Line prayer guide to learn more about this community and pray.

Prayer focus

I don’t know about you,but as important as I know prayer is,it is often very difficult to focus my prayers. It can be challenging to pay attention to what I need to remember to pray for,to make the time to pray,to keep my mind from wandering from praying,and . . . →Read More:Prayer focus

What does it matter,anyway?

I haven’t written here in close to three months. Life goes on in its busy way,caring for all the mundane day-to-day responsibilities,to-do lists,fun moments,griefs and joys. Yet underneath it all,we all ask ourselves,“What does it matter,anyway? Why am I here? What am I working for?”The answers to . . . →Read More:What does it matter,anyway?

New life

This is so beautiful I wanted to share it. It is a lovely depiction of some of the best parts of spring here in Michigan. We have already seen daffodils and robins,and the tulips are trying! In a few weeks Chaz and I will spend a day in Holland,Michigan,at Tulip Time, . . . →Read More:New life

We couldn’t do it without you

That is the message we sent regularly to our partners,both financial and prayer,individuals,families,and churches. We usually have to rely on emails and handwritten notes,sometimes phone calls or personal visits,usually from a distance. But last month,we had a chance to spend face-to-face time with our friends and partners at . . . →Read More:We couldn’t do it without you

An opportunity to celebrate

I’m going to watch this and renew my vision for Bible translation. THIS is what it’s all about. Will you join me and many others around the world?

Scripture Celebration

This will be happening live at the Wycliffe USA headquarters in Orlando,Florida,on March 9,2 p.m.

“For the past 75 years,we’ve had . . . →Read More:An opportunity to celebrate

Bible recordings

How cool is this?? This is the ministry that,a few years ago,made Proclaimers,audio Bible recordings in solar-powered devices,in the Northern Embera language,using the text of the translation Chaz and Doug Schermerhorn completed.

Here are inspiring stories from among Cakquichel speakers in Guatemala,in response to hearing God’s Word for . . . →Read More:Bible recordings

Sign Language in Japan

Did you know that there are a number of translation projects for sign language? One being highlighted this week on Wycliffe’s website is for Japanese. Go here for more information.


Bible translation statistics for 2016

Wycliffe has a lot of information available here. The main screen you see here has the pertinent information in summary. More detailed versions are also available if you go to the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are graphics and charts that show the information in a more digestible form . . . →Read More:Bible translation statistics for 2016

Wycliffe year in review

Here is a video narrated by Wycliffe president Bob Creson and his wife Dallas,highlighting news from around the world on the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Hear updated statistics about how many missionaries are serving worldwide,the amount of money donated toward Bible translation,how many projects are ongoing,and more.

See it here.

. . . →Read More:Wycliffe year in review

A translation project to pray for

Approximately 450,000 people speak Yakut across Siberia. The community lives off of reindeer herding and hunting and fishing,often in remote and dispersed locations. Being so widespread can make it difficult to reach all Yakut speakers with the gospel in their own language,but the translation team is working to find opportunities to reach . . . →Read More:A translation project to pray for

A new year is here

Now that it is almost 3 weeks into the new year,I want to tell you all “Happy New Year”. It has been too long since I wrote on here. That’s what happens when the holidays come. My father-in-law has a word for the season from October-December:“Hallothankmas”. Ours was a lovely season with time . . . →Read More:A new year is here

The work continues forward

I recently heard from Walde Lopez,the young translator from Guatemala who has worked with Chaz previously. We have shared prayer requests for him before. His wife was very sick after giving birth to their son. She is now back to normal and their son is growing well!







. . . →Read More:The work continues forward

Bibleless people in Guatemala to pray for this week

The Chajul Ixil (pseudonym) people of Guatemala are one of three Ixil people groups,and are one of 44 different Mayan groups in Guatemala that have had the New Testament translated in their own language. The first Chajul Ixil believer first learned about Jesus through the neighboring Nebaj Ixil translation team. Go here to read . . . →Read More:Bibleless people in Guatemala to pray for this week

Guatemalan Sign Language

This is from Wycliffe’s website,the group of the week to pray for.


An unknown number of Deaf are scattered across Guatemala,with the greatest concentration living in the capital city. While it’s believed that most of the Deaf community are culturally Christian,less than 1 percent have understood or accepted the gospel, . . . →Read More:Guatemalan Sign Language

It’s been awhile…

…since I wrote here. I’m sorry! Life happens,as you know,so many events and activities,some things get dropped in the process. I want to be more regular in posting interesting stuff on here for you who drop in and look. Chaz perseveres day after day at his desk,going through Bible material for . . . →Read More:It’s been awhile…

What language does God speak?

This is from the blog by Bob Creson,the president of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA since 2003. He shares stories and experiences from around the world about Bible translation and its impact. This blog entry especially impressed me,because it references a number of things that relate to our personal ministry. He mentions the . . . →Read More:What language does God speak?

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