What language does God speak?

This is from the blog by Bob Creson,the president of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA since 2003. He shares stories and experiences from around the world about Bible translation and its impact. This blog entry especially impressed me,because it references a number of things that relate to our personal ministry. He mentions the . . . →Read More:What language does God speak?

Such a useful tool –love modern technology!

Look at this! The Northern Embera Bible,available online for anyone with an internet connection. Try it yourself:

Go to https://www.bible.com/ You will probably have to sign up,if you aren’t already in their system. It is free and quick to do so. From the home page,go to the upper left corner and . . . →Read More:Such a useful tool –love modern technology!

Memories from Panama

Here’s a video sent by a friend in Panama,from a recent trip up the Chagres River. This group of children and adults is from our church in Panama City,Crossroads Bible Church. When we were still attending there,the children’s pastor started an annual mission trip up to Parara Puru,an Embera village up . . . →Read More:Memories from Panama

Hearing God’s Word for the first time

In a small village in Colombia,these people are hearing God’s Word in their language,for the first time. It is being played in audio version on a Proclaimer (go here to find out more about these wonderful tools). Several years back Chaz and Doug helped with the recording of the Northern Embera Bible to . . . →Read More:Hearing God’s Word for the first time

Baptism in Panama

Irencio (L) and Angel (R) baptize a woman in the Chucunaque River at Laja Blanca,Panama. The symbol on Angel’s shirt is an open Bible and the words above and below it read “God’s Word 2011.”Those shirts were made for the dedication service of the Bible translation. Thanks to having God’s Word in their . . . →Read More:Baptism in Panama

The Jesus film in Guatemala

Here is the latest news from Edgar and Melanie Rodriguez,our colleagues with CRU working on the Jesus film all around the Americas. Edgar and Doug Schermerhorn,our former translation partner from Panama,arrived the day before Chaz left Guatemala,but they did not have a chance to even see each other. They went to . . . →Read More:The Jesus film in Guatemala

Scripture Earth

Once the Scriptures are translated,many ministry tools become available. Since the Northern Embera translation was finished in 2010,it has become available in various formats:the printed Bible,the New Testament in audio (now being played by two radio stations in eastern Panama),the Jesus film and the latest is a website called . . . →Read More:Scripture Earth

To publication and beyond

This came May 18 from a translator and colleague in Colombia,Linda. We have posted news about her and her partner Grace before – see here and here. Now they are in the home stretch of getting the Scripture ready for publication. Then comes the actual publication process,dedication celebration,and distribution,including audio copies . . . →Read More:To publication and beyond

Work update

From Helga:Thank you for praying for the orientation and training workshop for the Spanish Translator’s Notes team in Dallas 2 weeks ago. It went very well,and Mark Willis is now busy working on the book of Jonah. Four of the five adaptors as well as one of the team formatters were able to . . . →Read More:Work update

An old friend

Chaz reports:“Last week we heard from Colombian missionaries Anita and Luis Sanchez,who have worked with the Emberas in Bible teaching at various locations. Our old friend Roberto who helped us in learning the language was staying with them while recovering from a surgical repair to his ankle. Roberto slipped and fell 150 meters . . . →Read More:An old friend

Good Hebrew poetry

No two languages have corresponding vocabularies or the same number of concepts represented by their vocabularies. That means that often a word in one language will not have a good equivalent in another. Part of Hebrew poetry is expressing the same or similar concept in different ways. In the following passage the Israelites are called . . . →Read More:Good Hebrew poetry

Good news from the Embera church

We recently got news from Panama from a colleague visiting the Embera churches. What wonderful news to share!

“I was able to spend Christmas and New Years in the Embera village of L B and was truly blessed by the believers there. I found them walking in the power of the Holy Spirit with great . . . →Read More:Good news from the Embera church

It takes a team

In order to complete a Bible translation in a given language,people need help on various fronts. In addition to the sending churches,financial supporters and prayer partners,translators need help from colleagues who are on site. In some of our most discouraging moments in our time in Panama,Wycliffe colleagues Keith and Wilma Forster . . . →Read More:It takes a team

Old friends

Chaz was in Panama recently and when he was visiting some friends at a hotel near the river,he heard his name called “Brother Carlos!”in Embera! He turned around –and lo and behold,here was a group of old friends! Some of you may recognize Maribel,in the purple shirt. She and her . . . →Read More:Old friends

Jesus Film Media

About a year and a half ago we shared with you the story of the filming of Cru’s Jesus film with Northern Embera audio. Click here to read original blog entry http://chmort.com/blog/?p=603. It is now available to view online! Go here to see more:http://jesusfilmmedia.org/video/1_98137-jf-0-0/embera%2c+northern/jesus Now any Northern Embera speaker with an internet connection . . . →Read More:Jesus Film Media

Translation consulting with Chaz

Happy New Year! This entry is a bit late,but we know how many greetings fly around at this time of year,and we wanted to wait until the dust settled so you would have time to read ours. We had a restful and joy-filled Christmas season,enjoying good times with family and . . . →Read More:Translation consulting with Chaz

Embera mission trip

Here’s the mission trip report in two parts,first the prayer request,then the result,both in Chaz’s words:

Monday evening [August 13] on the anniversary of the Embera Bible dedication I received a call from Panama. It was Felipe,the vice-president of the Embera church association,just calling to say hello. He told me . . . →Read More:Embera mission trip

The Jesus film in Northern Embera

Here’s a link to a short (about 8 minutes) documentary about the filming of the Jesus film in Embera,done in Panama by Cru earlier this year. You will see Doug,Chaz’s partner,and several of our Embera co-translators and friends. Enjoy!


Two epilogues

We’ve just completed a month with Danny and took him to the airport on Friday,July 6. The month was full and way too short! In between the fun activities of a Michigan summer,friends and family,we are keeping up with our Wycliffe work as well. We wanted to share some “epilogues”,so to . . . →Read More:Two epilogues

Delivery of the Proclaimers

Remember our telling you about the Proclaimers,the portable solar-powered MP3 players,that would be sent to villages for people to listen to the Embera Bible in audio version? They are on their way! The majority of them will be distributed this coming week,Easter week,during the annual Holy Week conference that the Embera . . . →Read More:Delivery of the Proclaimers

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