Positive feedback from the field

As we sit in our offices here in Kalamazoo,Michigan,it is hard sometimes to remember that we are working for people who live thousands of miles away. We don’t see them much,except for the times Chaz has trips down to Guatemala,Colombia,or Panama,and can meet with them personally. Many of the . . . →Read More:Positive feedback from the field

Annual report of the Spanish Translator’s Notes team

Recently in Dallas,the International Translation Department had their annual celebration of accomplishments in the past year. This included a slideshow of all projects and goals ongoing and completed. I have included here the slides that sum up what was done with my dedicated Spanish TN team. Rejoice with us!

TN volumes published . . . →Read More:Annual report of the Spanish Translator’s Notes team

Complementary jobs

When I was first asked to take on the role of coordinating the team of people working on Spanish Translator’s Notes,I did some research,asked lots of questions,and even took a trip to Dallas to talk to person firsthand and find out more about the project before saying “yes”. One thought kept popping . . . →Read More:Complementary jobs

Editing Translator’s Notes

Here’s a glimpse of my (Helga’s) editing work for Translator’s Notes. This is from the book of Proverbs,chapter 10. I am reading through the work that the adaptor has done. He is working from the English volume of commentary and translation advice. He is comparing the issues in the English Bible versions with those . . . →Read More:Editing Translator’s Notes

Guatemala journal –work version

Here is the “work version”of my Guatemala journal,concentrating on the Bible translation aspect of my time there. I will post more on here in the next few weeks,including the tourism time as well. Feel free to print this out and share as you wish.

Helga’s Guatemala journal

A glossary and a good-bye

A glossary is a very important tool for Bible translators. It is like a dictionary,but deals more with context and usage of a word,rather than just definition,grammar,and etymology. Here is a sample page from the recently completed glossary for the Gospel of Mark:

This glossary was authored for use by . . . →Read More:A glossary and a good-bye

Feedback from users of Translator’s Notes

I regularly receive requests for drafts or published volumes of Translator’s Notes from translation teams in various countries. I ask these teams to provide me with feedback so we can know how these volumes are being received and how we can improve them. Recently I compiled a number of recent observations from translators about the . . . →Read More:Feedback from users of Translator’s Notes

Life as an editor

One of my many jobs within the coordination of the Spanish Translator’s Notes team is that of editor. As the volume is getting prepared for uploading to the translation software,the formatter and I go back and forth on lots of details –errors,typos,unclear portions,etc. etc. I go through each line of . . . →Read More:Life as an editor

Need and inquiries for Translator’s Notes

My job with Wycliffe Bible Translators is coordinating a team of people producing translation helps and commentaries for Spanish-speaking mother tongue,or native,translators around the Americas (that includes North,Central and South America). We start with a series written in English,Translator’s Notes,which provide commentary and practical translation advice for books of the . . . →Read More:Need and inquiries for Translator’s Notes

What Bible version do we translate from?

(Taken from the Wycliffe.org website) This is a good answer to the question we are asked a lot. It’s a blessing to have many versions of the Bible in our language,but many people want to know which version we use to translate the Bible. We’re happy to tell you!

Actually,we don’t translate from . . . →Read More:What Bible version do we translate from?

Two new Translator’s Notes volumes

I am excited to announce that the faithful members of the Spanish Translator’s Notes team have published two volumes for native translators! Here are the title pages for the volume of translation helps on the book of Ruth and for the book of the epistle of James. They are published electronically on two different software . . . →Read More:Two new Translator’s Notes volumes

The whole process of creating a Spanish Translator’s Notes volume

This week I thought you might enjoy seeing the whole process of the adaptation and publishing of a volume of Translator’s Notes. Note after each person’s name is the location where they live and work. Thanks to internet and phones,we can work together although we live far apart. It is an ongoing challenge to . . . →Read More:The whole process of creating a Spanish Translator’s Notes volume

Working for native translators from home

One of the beautiful things about modern technology is that we can work from home. Consulting,mentoring,editing,planning,budgeting,etc. can all be done from the study or home office or living room or even coffee shop! Chaz and I both have home offices,his in the extra bedroom and mine in the basement, . . . →Read More:Working for native translators from home

It’s all in the details

Here is a checklist of what we work through on the Spanish Translator’s Notes team. This part of the job is electronic formatting of a volume of translation commentary and advice. These are points to work through in the formatting,which serve to make a page of ordinary text look a specific,uniform way for . . . →Read More:It’s all in the details

Field requests for Translator’s Notes

I (Helga) periodically receive requests straight from translators for copies of our Spanish Translator’s Notes documents. The completed ones are available in several resources electronically,but sometimes the requests are for volumes we are still working on. Here are some recent requests:

“I’m working with the Colombian Sign Language translation team and want to inquire . . . →Read More:Field requests for Translator’s Notes

Problems with geography in Joshua

The job of the translator is not only to render the Bible’s words in the target language but to check the comprehension of the draft by a sampling of typical readers. From comprehension testing the translator can assure that the draft is or is not communicating the intended meaning. However,when the translator cannot ascertain . . . →Read More:Problems with geography in Joshua

Inside the Translator’s Notes training

Mark Willis reports on the training time he had in Dallas. This was his introduction to the work of Translator’s Notes and a refresher course for the other TN team members. This report and the pictures are shared with Mark’s permission.

“On March 31,Ana Celina and I traveled to the International Linguistics Center in . . . →Read More:Inside the Translator’s Notes training

A “simple”Bible story,right?

This week Chaz is helping the Spanish Translator’s Notes team as he does on occasion ,time permitting. He is reading through the adaptation draft of Genesis 6-10,reviewing the adaptor’s work and adding comments and questions.

You may think the Flood story is easy to understand and therefore easy to translate. Of course it’s . . . →Read More:A “simple”Bible story,right?

The four seasons


As I write this,it is alternately raining and snowing here in Kalamazoo,Michigan. It’s only October and it is snowing! Some may complain about early snow,and I have my moments also. For one thing,snow is COLD and I don’t enjoy being cold. But after so many years living in the tropics, . . . →Read More:The four seasons

The dedicated Spanish Translator’s Notes team

Our last full team meeting,Februaru 2011. Those pictured above joined our team since that meeting.


I am honored to be working with a team dedicated to Bible translation by creating easy-to-understand translation commentaries for native speaker co-translators. Notice in the caption above that our last full meeting was in February 2011. We . . . →Read More:The dedicated Spanish Translator’s Notes team

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