Bible translation making a difference

I share this story with you here about Marta,a Tz’utujil from Guatemala. There is a New Testament in her language,and there is a translation team now working on translating the Old Testament. Chaz has been consulting with this translation team for several years now as they work through passages and books from the . . . →Read More:Bible translation making a difference


Volcan de Fuego,the original trouble-maker






A golf course provides some gorgeous scenery.

Volcan Palapa

Here’s a video of the volcano spewing. Volcano erupting

The noise is the wind,not an earthquake or the noise of the eruption.

. . . →Read More:Volcanoes

Working for native translators from home

One of the beautiful things about modern technology is that we can work from home. Consulting,mentoring,editing,planning,budgeting,etc. can all be done from the study or home office or living room or even coffee shop! Chaz and I both have home offices,his in the extra bedroom and mine in the basement, . . . →Read More:Working for native translators from home

Psalms in Guatemala

Here is a recent letter from our supervisor,Bill Bivin,on the upcoming Psalms workshop in Guatemala where Chaz will be both teaching and consulting. (This is shared with Bill’s permission.)

Psalms Translation Training

“The eight [translation] teams in Guatemala have finished the first drafts of the historical books of the Old Testament. We have . . . →Read More:Psalms in Guatemala

Newest letter

Read our latest newsletter here:

God? Shaman? Medicine?

As people meet God,there is often clash with previously held beliefs and practices. Decisions must be made as to which way to go. Please pray with us for this situation in Colombia. Chaz will be traveling there next month to work with the Pickens on this translation.

Our colleagues the Pickens ask prayer for . . . →Read More:God? Shaman? Medicine?

Fall news

Work News at Home and on the Field

As fall approaches our schedule is picking up speed. Chaz has submitted his doctoral thesis-project to the seminary for a pre-defense check;his thesis defense will be October 13 (during a Bible Translation conference). We are so thankful that this project is almost done. He can . . . →Read More:Fall news

Consultants and commentaries

I share the below information with the permission of our supervisor. It give a great explanation of some of the issues translation consultants (like Chaz!) deal with regularly. It also points out the importance of having useable commentaries and translation helps (like Translator’s Notes!) Both Chaz and I work from home,but our work goes . . . →Read More:Consultants and commentaries

Notes from the Mortensens’work

As the spring snow continues to fall outside,we are warmed at progress and some good news on several fronts. Here is a sampling of what we are doing with Wycliffe Bible Translators,along with some things our colleagues are doing.


The last of three focus groups Chaz has organized in order to do . . . →Read More:Notes from the Mortensens’work

Translation consulting with Chaz

Happy New Year! This entry is a bit late,but we know how many greetings fly around at this time of year,and we wanted to wait until the dust settled so you would have time to read ours. We had a restful and joy-filled Christmas season,enjoying good times with family and . . . →Read More:Translation consulting with Chaz

October update

As the weather gets colder here in Michigan,we are enjoying brilliant fall colors all around us. As the weather cools off,our activity level is heating up,with work and church and school activities,as well as times with friends. So what is everyone doing?

Chaz –I continue as consultant for a Bible . . . →Read More:October update

Consulting for translators in Guatemala

Chaz’s main job for Wycliffe Bible Translators since our return to living in the US has been as a translation consultant,helping teams through the process of translation,making sure the work is understandable and correctly done. Here are two of the Bible translators that Chaz has been helping this year,Tim and Louise . . . →Read More:Consulting for translators in Guatemala

May for the Mortensens

Hello dear family and friends,

Here is our latest graduate! Chaz and Laura and I were privileged to be able to attend and celebrate with Danny,who is obviously excited 🙂 He will join us in Michigan for a month before starting his summer job at Pine Cove Camp in Texas. This fall he will . . . →Read More:May for the Mortensens

The Mortensens in March

Here in Michigan the weather has been like summer,allowing the flowers to bloom and the trees to start turning green,but then it changed its mind and has been freezing again. The poor plants and animals are confused,but spring break is now upon us,to Laura’s great delight,and we look forward . . . →Read More:The Mortensens in March

Current work news –February 9,2012

There is a lot to tell you. With this update,we will bring you up-to-date on our work with Bible translation,helping translators in the Americas Area get their jobs done.

Chaz –Recently he has consulted with Judy Harms on 1 Samuel in the Epena-Saija language. (Judy and her husband Phill are now retiring . . . →Read More:Current work news –February 9,2012

Chaz’s most recent learning experience

If you’re interested in learning more about the Calvin Symposium on Worship,an annual event,see the following link. It contains the program,schedule,notes and other information. It is aimed at church leaders and worship leaders and educators,but all are welcome.

The newly-published Psalms for all Seasons:A Complete Psalter for Worship . . . →Read More:Chaz’s most recent learning experience

How to learn Hebrew

Chaz tries to link the new to the familiar. As he explains:

When most people think of Hebrew they think of the strange alphabet. A few of the letters are similar to Roman characters,like C and R,and one type of S looks just like the Greek letter sigma,but most letters are very . . . →Read More:How to learn Hebrew

Chaz’s report on his trip to Italy

Yes,it’s true,I’m updating our blog. I would like to start posting our email updates on here as well,so they are more permanent. That way once people delete us from the inbox,they can still come here for the information.

Old news,but still good to read.

June 3,2011

Chaz has returned . . . →Read More:Chaz’s report on his trip to Italy

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