An opportunity to celebrate

I’m going to watch this and renew my vision for Bible translation. THIS is what it’s all about. Will you join me and many others around the world?

Scripture Celebration

This will be happening live at the Wycliffe USA headquarters in Orlando,Florida,on March 9,2 p.m.

“For the past 75 years,we’ve had . . . →Read More:An opportunity to celebrate

Bible recordings

How cool is this?? This is the ministry that,a few years ago,made Proclaimers,audio Bible recordings in solar-powered devices,in the Northern Embera language,using the text of the translation Chaz and Doug Schermerhorn completed.

Here are inspiring stories from among Cakquichel speakers in Guatemala,in response to hearing God’s Word for . . . →Read More:Bible recordings

Sign Language in Japan

Did you know that there are a number of translation projects for sign language? One being highlighted this week on Wycliffe’s website is for Japanese. Go here for more information.


Bible translation statistics for 2016

Wycliffe has a lot of information available here. The main screen you see here has the pertinent information in summary. More detailed versions are also available if you go to the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are graphics and charts that show the information in a more digestible form . . . →Read More:Bible translation statistics for 2016

The work continues forward

I recently heard from Walde Lopez,the young translator from Guatemala who has worked with Chaz previously. We have shared prayer requests for him before. His wife was very sick after giving birth to their son. She is now back to normal and their son is growing well!







. . . →Read More:The work continues forward

Bibleless people in Guatemala to pray for this week

The Chajul Ixil (pseudonym) people of Guatemala are one of three Ixil people groups,and are one of 44 different Mayan groups in Guatemala that have had the New Testament translated in their own language. The first Chajul Ixil believer first learned about Jesus through the neighboring Nebaj Ixil translation team. Go here to read . . . →Read More:Bibleless people in Guatemala to pray for this week

Guatemalan Sign Language

This is from Wycliffe’s website,the group of the week to pray for.


An unknown number of Deaf are scattered across Guatemala,with the greatest concentration living in the capital city. While it’s believed that most of the Deaf community are culturally Christian,less than 1 percent have understood or accepted the gospel, . . . →Read More:Guatemalan Sign Language

Bible translation making a difference

I share this story with you here about Marta,a Tz’utujil from Guatemala. There is a New Testament in her language,and there is a translation team now working on translating the Old Testament. Chaz has been consulting with this translation team for several years now as they work through passages and books from the . . . →Read More:Bible translation making a difference

New projects need perseverance

There are over 180,000 people who speak Marma in Bangladesh,but very few believe in Jesus. A Bible translation can help them learn who Jesus is and how much God loves them. Fortunately work is already begun on a translation project.

Help Wanted

Last year,translators from the Marma language group were disappointed after a . . . →Read More:New projects need perseverance

Unwritable? nope!

Today I came across this blog entry by Bob Creson,the president and CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA. He is a leader who,as busy as he is,took time to meet with our small group in February,when we were visiting the Wycliffe headquarters in Orlando. He took an hour to talk with . . . →Read More:Unwritable? nope!

They have requested a translation

In the Philippines,even though outside cultures have greatly influenced the Mandaya people in some aspects,the Mandaya still hold to many of their traditional animistic beliefs. They seek the council of shamans called Balyans,and live in constant fear of offending the spirits who may harm them or make them sick if the . . . →Read More:They have requested a translation

It is finished!

An event to rejoice in –God’s Word arrives for a group in Guatemala!! Several years ago,Chaz did some consulting with the Wycliffe translator in this project. It is so exciting to see the finished product of so many years of labor and love. Thanks be to the Lord!

Prayers were answered on September . . . →Read More:It is finished!

Almost done

The Baruga people of Papua New maintain a vibrant culture and a strong identity despite being aware of and connected to the wider world through trips to town. Located in a firmly Anglican area,their faith and worship has grown to be an important part of their life. The influence of the gospel for the . . . →Read More:Almost done

Tribute to a translator

Here is David and Penelope Pickens’tribute to Liam,a strong believer and one of the translators of the Bible for his people in Colombia.

Libardo (Liam) Waitoto 1970 –2015

After checking 1 Peter with us [David,Chaz,F and C,two other native speaker translators] yesterday afternoon, . . . →Read More:Tribute to a translator

Christmas gifts for Wycliffe

Have you looked through the Wycliffe Gift Catalog? There are a number of projects highlighted that you can donate to as a gift for yourself or for a friend or loved one. Here is a mini-tour:

You can start at our page as your portal. Then browse on through for more ideas.

How about donating . . . →Read More:Christmas gifts for Wycliffe

Urgent prayer from Edgar in Guatemala

This just came today from our colleague Edgar Rodriguez,currently in Guatemala preparing for a voice recording for the Jesus film in the South Central and Western Cakquichel languages.

Hi dear friends,

I am taking a minute to reach out to you from a small town here in Guatemala to ask you for an urgent . . . →Read More:Urgent prayer from Edgar in Guatemala

Behind the scenes of the Jesus film

Edgar Rodriguez gives inside information on his recent trip to Guatemala. See his previous report here.

“We just wanted to say thank you for your prayers during my recent trip to Guatemala. The week was a success and God has worked out most of the logistics and details for the South Central Cackchiquel language . . . →Read More:Behind the scenes of the Jesus film

Kuna Bible dedication report

Here are some words from Keith and Wilma Forster about the recent Kuna Bible dedication:

“It is hard to believe that three weeks have passed since those very special days in Panama when the Kuna Bible was dedicated. How grateful we are to the Lord for the wonderful way in which He blessed each . . . →Read More:Kuna Bible dedication report

Ebola in Liberia

Today we share news from the other side of the world,from a fellow translator,Becky Grossmann. She is a member of Lutheran Bible Translators,,although her original training was done with the Summer Institute of Linguistics,at the same time that we were training in Dallas,in the late 80’s. In fact, . . . →Read More:Ebola in Liberia

The Jesus film in Guatemala

Here is the latest news from Edgar and Melanie Rodriguez,our colleagues with CRU working on the Jesus film all around the Americas. Edgar and Doug Schermerhorn,our former translation partner from Panama,arrived the day before Chaz left Guatemala,but they did not have a chance to even see each other. They went to . . . →Read More:The Jesus film in Guatemala

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