Chaz’s trip to Guatemala

Here is Chaz’s report on his trip to Guatemala. Thank you all for praying for him!

Guatemala report May2018

It is finished!

An event to rejoice in –God’s Word arrives for a group in Guatemala!! Several years ago,Chaz did some consulting with the Wycliffe translator in this project. It is so exciting to see the finished product of so many years of labor and love. Thanks be to the Lord!

Prayers were answered on September . . . →Read More:It is finished!

Psalm 13 in the Poptí language of Guatemala

Here’s a video Chaz took on his most recent trip down to Guatemala. It features Waldemar,one of the native Poptí Bible translators,sharing a song he wrote based on Psalm 13. [Chaz and the other consultants have been working with the native translation teams through the book of Psalms for several months now.] . . . →Read More:Psalm 13 in the Poptí language of Guatemala

Complementary jobs

When I was first asked to take on the role of coordinating the team of people working on Spanish Translator’s Notes,I did some research,asked lots of questions,and even took a trip to Dallas to talk to person firsthand and find out more about the project before saying “yes”. One thought kept popping . . . →Read More:Complementary jobs

Guatemala journal –work version

Here is the “work version”of my Guatemala journal,concentrating on the Bible translation aspect of my time there. I will post more on here in the next few weeks,including the tourism time as well. Feel free to print this out and share as you wish.

Helga’s Guatemala journal

The citadel of Susa and gates

Here is the full story on the “citadel”in Esther and the “gates”found in the Old Testament stories,continuing from our email update of July 31:

In the book of Esther the greatest difficulty is describing the citadel of Susa. Susa was one of the four capitals of the Medo-Persian Empire and . . . →Read More:The citadel of Susa and gates

Translating accurately –how is that done?

This is taken directly from Wycliffe’s website. If you’d like to see the original page,click here. I put one paragraph in boldface,as it has a wonderful concrete example of translating according to the receiving language,not just word-for-word from the original. Ensuring that teams are reaching accuracy in translation is one of the . . . →Read More:Translating accurately –how is that done?

The prayer of Jabez

As Bible translators,we are required to deal with every verse of Scripture. Not even the best theologians have to do that. Bible translators not only have to know the cultural and linguistic context of a passage,they also need to evaluate how a passage will be understood in the target language. Consider 1 . . . →Read More:The prayer of Jabez

From a consultant’s notes –Destroying faith

A Bible translator has to check his own cultural perspective at the door when studying passages from ancient times,written in other languages on distant continents. 1 Corinthians 8 is a short but surprisingly difficult chapter to translate,and for a number of reasons. First of all,there are terms in the passage that . . . →Read More:From a consultant’s notes –Destroying faith

What Bible version do we translate from?

(Taken from the website) This is a good answer to the question we are asked a lot. It’s a blessing to have many versions of the Bible in our language,but many people want to know which version we use to translate the Bible. We’re happy to tell you!

Actually,we don’t translate from . . . →Read More:What Bible version do we translate from?

Q&A with the Bible translation consultant

Thank you all for your prayers for Chaz these last few weeks! Here’s his story in his own words.

1. How long did it take you to actually get to Guatemala? How about your suitcase?

From the time Helga dropped me off at the airport,it took about 46 hours to . . . →Read More:Q&A with the Bible translation consultant

Meeting up on the run

How fun to run into friends and colleagues in airports! Chaz and Edgar Rodriguez had touched base about seeing each other in Guatemala,but the timing and locations were not going to mesh. But then came Chaz’s travel adventures,trying to get to Guatemala despite volcanic eruption,and having to delay for over a day. . . . →Read More:Meeting up on the run

Ways to pray

Here are some resources to help you pray more effectively:

-for Bible translation projects in the Americas (link to a PDF of projects in the Americas region,listed by country. Check out the ones in Guatemala –part of the group Chaz consults with 4 times a year)

-for specific projects,as part of a . . . →Read More:Ways to pray

It’s all in the details

Here is a checklist of what we work through on the Spanish Translator’s Notes team. This part of the job is electronic formatting of a volume of translation commentary and advice. These are points to work through in the formatting,which serve to make a page of ordinary text look a specific,uniform way for . . . →Read More:It’s all in the details

Lapping water like a dog

This is discussion of a typical textual problem a translation consultant deals with regularly. Have fun!

In chapter 7 of the biblical book of Judges,God wants to make sure Gideon and the Israelites don’t credit themselves for victory he has promised over the Midianites. So he has Gideon send any fearful soldiers home. 22,000 . . . →Read More:Lapping water like a dog

Picking out the tiny stones

Our supervisor,Bill Bivin,is the Translation Coordinator for the whole Americas Area. He is also a good friend of ours from our years in Panama. Our kids spent a lot of formative years together. In fact,Danny was best man at Bill and Ann’s son’s wedding a month ago. Bill wrote recently in his . . . →Read More:Picking out the tiny stones

And in Colombia…

We have some very encouraging news. David and Penelope Pickens are translators for the Tado people of Colombia and we have shared a number of requests for them over time. Here is some praise. Their latest letter:

“Liam took some vacation time and decided to return to those jungle communities that he considered safe to . . . →Read More:And in Colombia…

Problems with geography in Joshua

The job of the translator is not only to render the Bible’s words in the target language but to check the comprehension of the draft by a sampling of typical readers. From comprehension testing the translator can assure that the draft is or is not communicating the intended meaning. However,when the translator cannot ascertain . . . →Read More:Problems with geography in Joshua

Electricity and Bible translation

One of the Bible translation teams Chaz is beginning to serve as a consultant is the Jakalteko (Poptí) team in Guatemala. He found Valdemar and Josefa,pictured below,to be very sharp and creative translators.

Just recently we received news that because of a long-standing dispute between the Jakalteko community and the electric company, . . . →Read More:Electricity and Bible translation

Listen to Psalms sung in Pokomchi

Here is some video Chaz took of the Pokomchi team in Guatemala singing Psalm 121,in their own heart language,set to their own tune. Chaz will be continuing as a consultant for this team.


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