New life

This is so beautiful I wanted to share it. It is a lovely depiction of some of the best parts of spring here in Michigan. We have already seen daffodils and robins,and the tulips are trying! In a few weeks Chaz and I will spend a day in Holland,Michigan,at Tulip Time, . . . →Read More:New life

We couldn’t do it without you

That is the message we sent regularly to our partners,both financial and prayer,individuals,families,and churches. We usually have to rely on emails and handwritten notes,sometimes phone calls or personal visits,usually from a distance. But last month,we had a chance to spend face-to-face time with our friends and partners at . . . →Read More:We couldn’t do it without you

A new year is here

Now that it is almost 3 weeks into the new year,I want to tell you all “Happy New Year”. It has been too long since I wrote on here. That’s what happens when the holidays come. My father-in-law has a word for the season from October-December:“Hallothankmas”. Ours was a lovely season with time . . . →Read More:A new year is here

It’s been awhile…

…since I wrote here. I’m sorry! Life happens,as you know,so many events and activities,some things get dropped in the process. I want to be more regular in posting interesting stuff on here for you who drop in and look. Chaz perseveres day after day at his desk,going through Bible material for . . . →Read More:It’s been awhile…

Volunteering for literacy

In the past couple months I have decided to take on more volunteering projects,working in areas I am especially interested in beyond my two jobs with Wycliffe Bible Translators and with the children’s ministry at church. Opportunities came to me and I thought,“I would LOVE to do this. I will do my best . . . →Read More:Volunteering for literacy

Such a useful tool –love modern technology!

Look at this! The Northern Embera Bible,available online for anyone with an internet connection. Try it yourself:

Go to You will probably have to sign up,if you aren’t already in their system. It is free and quick to do so. From the home page,go to the upper left corner and . . . →Read More:Such a useful tool –love modern technology!

Some wedding pictures

We know you want to see some! We don’t have the official pictures yet,but here are some candids,shared by a number of people. It was a very special few days in New York,with family and friends,participating in the joyful celebration of Danny and Liz’s wedding. You can also go here to . . . →Read More:Some wedding pictures

Moving day

We spent a day last week helping Chaz’s parents move into their new home in Ann Arbor. This was a move after 38 years in one home,a house filled with love and memories that now had to be emptied,cleaned,and keys handed over to someone else. Now they face making a new,empty . . . →Read More:Moving day

Family in Savannah

We spent the few days after Christmas gathering in Savannah,Georgia,with Chaz’s immediate family to celebrate his parents’wedding anniversary. We all had a great time catching up with each other and exploring Savannah. I highly recommend going,especially if you stay right downtown in the historic district.

Here are Joe and Kathy Mortensen, . . . →Read More:Family in Savannah

Guatemala tourist

I had a great time getting to know Antigua,Guatemala! I highly recommend it as a gorgeous historic spot.

Enjoy the quick tour!

Lots of beautiful old buildings;bright colors and marketplaces;tranquil hotels hidden behind high walls






And . . . →Read More:Guatemala tourist

All moved in

Last Sunday Laura moved into her dorm at Michigan State University. We had a last celebratory/farewell dinner in Kalamazoo the night before,then arose bright and early to head to E. Lansing. It all went very smoothly,fitting in lunch at one of the dining halls (there are many!) and a walking tour of part . . . →Read More:All moved in

Laura’s graduation


Here we are right after Laura’s graduation ceremony. (Danny was actually very happy –caught a bad second!) For those of you who may not be on Facebook,I invite you to use this link to go to my FB album of Laura’s graduation for a great collection of pictures.

Left to right: . . . →Read More:Laura’s graduation

A walk to Emmaus

I (Helga) had a rare privilege last weekend. I took 3 days out of my busy life to be still,to reflect,to ignore the clock and my phone and my email and my to-do list,and to just –be –a child of God. I attended a Walk to Emmaus reflection weekend at . . . →Read More:A walk to Emmaus

This weekend!

Please join us in your thoughts and prayers this weekend as we celebrate this joyful occasion!

A little over two weeks away

In the midst of work on consulting,editing,translating,etc.,our family life marches on. 16 days from today,Kirsten will get married and Aaron Haverberg will join our family. We can’t help but say the old standby:“Where has the time gone?”We enjoyed our years with her in our household and are thankful . . . →Read More:A little over two weeks away

Icy Lake Michigan

Today we are sharing images from a mostly-ice-covered Lake Michigan. It has been an impressive winter,which is finally losing the battle with Springtime. Two weeks ago Chaz and I (Helga) spent an hour walking out on the ice. As far as the eye could see,all the way to the horizon,there was ice . . . →Read More:Icy Lake Michigan

Family Christmas


All together for 24 hours!

It was great to all be in the same place for Christmas Eve and Day! We all gathered at Chaz’s parents’house in Midland,Michigan,for a family Christmas with us,Chaz’s parents Joe and Kathy,his brother Andrew with wife Christine and their two children,and his . . . →Read More:Family Christmas

Mortensens in July –catching up!

Here I am posting old news. We have gotten behind in our blog here and are striving to catch up and stay more current. Here is some news from mid-summer.

We are back in Michigan for the duration of summer and are glad temperatures are much cooler than last year! We spent the first three . . . →Read More:Mortensens in July –catching up!

Spring family update

We have a lot going on,so are dividing our news into two blog posts,one about the family and one about work (see previous blog entry). So now,on to family news. What are all the Mortensens doing? Chaz is busy with his Wycliffe consulting,studies and for-fun translating,but he does make time . . . →Read More:Spring family update


We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving day! We are thankful to be in the work of helping Bible translators and we are especially thankful for YOUR interest and support of that work. Our special thanks for:

-family to enjoy Thanksgiving with -Chaz’s progress in consulting in the Gospel of Matthew for 2 translations . . . →Read More:Thankful!

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