Chaz’s trip with the veterinarians

Thank you for praying for the veterinarians and me as we visited five Embera villages and one campesino community. The vets were from a Christian veterinarians’ association and came to help the communities by showing them how healthy animals lead to healthy people. They also shared their testimonies in a meeting.

Most of the . . . →Read More:Chaz’s trip with the veterinarians

Kirsten’s college news

Just yesterday I (Helga) faxed the last required documents up to the University of Michigan,for her residency qualification. Now we wait,and pray,that they’ll decide to giver her residency status. If so,she will most likely go there. She’s also striving to complete various financial aid and scholarship forms,all on top of . . . →Read More:Kirsten’s college news

Chaz and the vets

Chaz is up the Chagres River this week with 3 American veterinarians. They are treating animals and he is translating,also visiting with pastors and friends in those communities. Please pray for his visits with Alonso,a pastor who has recently recognized the value of reading the Bible in his own language and is working . . . →Read More:Chaz and the vets

The college search

Kirsten has now been accepted to two of the six colleges she has applied to. One is Cedarville University in Ohio,and the other is the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. We are still awaiting word on the other 4 schools. Her first choice is the University of Michigan. The first hurdle was acceptance, . . . →Read More:The college search

New radio program?

Chaz recently had a conversation with a missionary who operates a radio station that covers some of the region where the Emberas live. Not only is the station planning to inaugurate a stronger transmitter that may reach into Colombia,they are hoping to work with the Embera church in producing some programming in the Embera . . . →Read More:New radio program?

The Embera alphabet situation

Thank you for praying for the Northern Embera alphabet situation. This month will be a crucial time because a commission has gotten an alphabet approved which is not the one the Embera church has used for 30 years and is not even the one the Embera teachers have tried to promote during the past 15 . . . →Read More:The Embera alphabet situation

Guaymi dedication

Here are some Guaymis studying their new Bibles! Note the colorful dress the woman is wearing. These are unique to the Guaymis and are made all by hand.

Banner at Guaymi dedication

Here’s a picture from the Guaymi New Testament dedication

N. Embera alphabet issue

The Northern Embera alphabet has been an issue of debate for more than 30 years. To make a long story short,the Embera Evangelical Church has supported one specific alphabet that whole time and events in the last few years have indicated that sooner or later that particular alphabet would become the official Embera alphabet . . . →Read More:N. Embera alphabet issue

Guaymi New Testament Dedication

Here is a report from our colleagues on the Guaymi New Testament dedication:(written by Ann Bivin,wife of Bill)

“God’s Word Has Arrived in Our Language in Our Hands”

The large banner at the front of the meeting area declared what we and the rest of the crowd were there to celebrate that day: . . . →Read More:Guaymi New Testament Dedication

Patio visitor

This wandered onto our patio the other day. Any informed guesses? We’re guessing a kind of praying mantis,judging by the head and legs. It’s about 2 inches long. The wings look exactly like dead curled-up leaves. We haven’t had any luck yet finding pictures in encyclopedias or on the internet. I suppose with . . . →Read More:Patio visitor

Our Eighteenth Anniversary

We’re grateful to God for 18 years together. A number of you looking at this were at our wedding. Thank you for all the years of friendship and support that have helped us in our life together.

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