Abundio and Doug

Chaz spoke with Abundio the other day about his coming to work. Abundio has been very sick and also has no money to travel. With our schedule being hectic next week,Chaz will wait until March 7 to call him again. This way Abundio can get better and we can arrange to transfer funds for . . . →Read More:Abundio and Doug

Helga’s grandmother is back!

Thank you for praying specifically for Helga’s grandmother. A few days ago she “woke up”from this strange state she was in. She knows her family again and has no memory of those few weeks when she was altered and confused. The home nurse has had to move on,but Helga’s aunt is well-rested and . . . →Read More:Helga’s grandmother is back!

Helga’s grandmother

Helga’s grandmother Mutti is still hanging on. Her aunt now has a home nurse who comes to relieve her and all are getting along well. Mutti is calmer and seems to be comfortable. Thank you for your prayers.

The college saga

Kirsten has gotten word of her acceptance as a Michigan resident for tuition purposes at University of Michigan! That is exciting,because it will allow her to attend a top-notch school at a more affordable price. She must decide for sure within a month or so. We are now awaiting word from the various schools . . . →Read More:The college saga

The Gospel of Luke revision

Bienvenido was here this week with Chaz. He brought in the Gospel of Luke that he’s been drafting on his own at home. He works on the computer in the church office in his town,asking his dad and other older Emberas for help in wording things,making sure it’s understandable. Then he and Chaz . . . →Read More:The Gospel of Luke revision

Helga’s grandmother

Please be praying for Helga’s grandmother,Julie Schroeter,living in Kalamazoo,Michigan. She is 97 and has weakened noticeably in body and mind these last few weeks. For the first time she is not recognizing her family members,very painful to all. Helga’s Aunt Barbara has been the main caregiver and is now worn out, . . . →Read More:Helga’s grandmother

Family fun

This is one of our favorite pastimes out on the Causeway alongside the Panama Canal. Even Kirsten and Danny like doing it. We rent a one- or two-seater bike,complete with awning,and pedal along with the canal on one side and the Bay of Panama on the other. It is refreshing and great . . . →Read More:Family fun

The college wait

Kirsten still has not heard anything definite yet from University of Michigan. When Chaz talked with them the other day,the lady told him she saw Kirsten’s file on the “approved”pile,but that was NOT official,and we must await the letter. Meanwhile we’ve been filling out federal aid applications and looking at other . . . →Read More:The college wait

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