Chaz’s account of his trip

Thank you all for praying for me and my family when I was in Mexico at the Translation Consultants’ Development Orientation from April 2-16. The meetings were held at Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) facilities in Oaxaca in the southeast part of the country. The state of Oaxaca has many indigenous people groups and that . . . →Read More:Chaz’s account of his trip

Chaz is back at work

Chaz returned safe and sound from Mexico,glad for the opportunity he had but happy to be home. We will soon be posting an update about the workshop. In the meantime,enjoy some of his pictures in our picture gallery “Chaz’s trip to Mexico”.

On Monday morning Doug showed up,along with Bienvenido,Abundio and . . . →Read More:Chaz is back at work

Chaz’s birthday in Oaxaca

Chaz reported the unique way he celebrated his birthday:

“I had quite a birthday. .. someone or some group got together and put balloons on the breakfast table,gave me a roll with candles crammed into it and sang me “H.B.”So I felt celebrated…

“About 9 AM,Hans pulled up with the Suburban and . . . →Read More:Chaz’s birthday in Oaxaca

The eclipse

What a thrill this was! Here is Panama was the best place in the world to view this particular solar eclipse last Friday,April 8. It was an “anular”eclipse,one where the moon is farther from the earth than in a total eclipse,so the shadow cast is a bit smaller,leaving a ring . . . →Read More:The eclipse

Chaz in Oaxaca

I’ve been able to talk with Chaz a few times on a webphone and we’ve also emailed back and forth,when he has time to log on and write! He has been enthusiasatic when we’ve talked,interested in the conference sessions and learning a great deal. One excerpt:

“We have talked about basic stuff so . . . →Read More:Chaz in Oaxaca

Visit with friends

We had a great week of visiting with our friends Jim and Linda. We did sightseeing and stargazing,on the two clear nights we had. Jupiter,Saturn,the full moon and the nebula of Orion were just some of God’s wonders that we enjoyed together. See our picture gallery,in Family Pictures,to see some . . . →Read More:Visit with friends

Conferences past and future

As life returns to normal after Easter celebration and spring break,we want to take a few minutes to share news with you about two conferences,recently past and coming up.

Embera church conference:

Thank you for praying for the Embera church conference held in Abundio’s village during Semana Santa. There were probably between . . . →Read More:Conferences past and future

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