Here is Melio and Maribel’s new baby boy Matmeliso:

And here is big sister Merlina trying to calm him:


Yesterday the Embera church decided that they needed to show that alphabet is not just theirs but the people’s. So they have sent a couple of men to go around to all the villages to collect signatures from community leaders who are in support of the alphabet. Please pray for them;travel can get expensive . . . →Read More:Signatures

Little Women

Kirsten did an excellent job as Beth in Little Women. We were very proud of her for all her hard work and acting skills. The whole experience of drama club this year has been a good one for her and a fun way to end her senior year. See our picture gallery “The Plays”for . . . →Read More:Little Women


Chaz reporting:

The alphabet issue is getting more intense. We had a couple of the regional chiefs in our house yesterday along with two officials from the Ministry of Education and several Embera church members. The idea is to work together on a common alphabet,so that the upcoming bilingual education program actually enjoys success. . . . →Read More:Meetings,meetings,meetings!

New pictures

We’ve recently posted new pictures from the Guaymi New Testament dedication in our picture gallery. Enjoy!

More on the plays

Danny’s two performances of “Hamlet”were outstanding. The second night went very smoothly and everyone remembered their lines! Go to our picture gallery “The Plays”for more pictures of the performance.

This week our attention turns to “Little Women”. Guess what? Danny is going to be in that too! Just a few days ago one . . . →Read More:More on the plays

Melio and Maribel’s newest addition

Our Embera friends Melio and Maribel had baby #3 two weeks ago. In typical fashion,the little boy doesn’t have a name yet. When they go to file his birth registration papers (probably today) they’ll pick the name. They’re doing well these days. Melio is no longer teaching the Bible class for Youth with a . . . →Read More:Melio and Maribel’s newest addition


The first performance went very well. Danny was outstanding (in our unbiased opinion) and everyone else did well too. See our photo gallery “The Plays”for some pictures behind the scenes. More will come after the next performance. The camera batteries died as the play started so we couldn’t take any pictures during the play. . . . →Read More:Hamlet

Alphabet issue –current status

The Embera church representatives are getting together their arguments for why the alphabet they want should become the official Embera alphabet. It has been neat to see how they have changed their attitude from one of passively waiting for others to come around to their point of view to that of actively stating their case. . . . →Read More:Alphabet issue –current status

Kirsten’s graduation invitation

Here it is. You all would be welcome to join us!

Our housing situation

We thank all of you many times over for your prayers for our housing situation. We have felt them supporting us and guiding our thinking. We have decided on a place to rent and will work out the details with the landlady next week. We plan to move after mid-June and be ready to work . . . →Read More:Our housing situation

The play’s the thing…

Tomorrow night is the big night. Danny’s starring in his high school’s production of “Hamlet”. There will be just two performances,tomorrow night and May 20. This has consumed Danny’s life for some time now. One of his favorite parts has been choreographing the sword fights with Laertes. He and his friend Robert have real . . . →Read More:The play’s the thing…

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