Friends we didn’t know we had!

Doug Schermerhorn,our partner with New Tribes Mission,informed us that one of the Embera church members on the alphabet committee had a meeting with a government official a few days ago. This person is wanting to help the church with the alphabet situation. She is aware of certain people in government who don’t want . . . →Read More:Friends we didn’t know we had!

Kirsten’s moving in

Kirsten is moving in today to her dorm room at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She has been counting the days and is very excited to be at this point in her life. Chaz is able to be with her today and part of tomorrow to help her settle in and take care . . . →Read More:Kirsten’s moving in

Recent developments

Last Friday the Panamanian government launched their new bilingual education program,supporting education among the indigenous groups in the native language first and then later in Spanish. As part of this declaration,each group received an “official”alphabet. Unfortunately,the one put in for Embera was the universally rejected one,with less than a handful . . . →Read More:Recent developments

Chaz’s trip

Chaz will be leaving on Thursday for his whirlwind trip to Michigan. He will be speaking at several churches and calling or visiting as many people as he can manage. The main reason for his trip is to help Kirsten move into her dorm at the University of Michigan on August 29. Please pray for . . . →Read More:Chaz’s trip

Movie news

This is an update from Bearing Fruit,the production company for End of the Spear,the movie Laura was involved in last year.


January 1956,a culture on the brink of extinction saw the gospel lived in men who were willing to die.

January 2006,our culture will experience . . . →Read More:Movie news

The Mortensens are settled

We think that finally we are settled in to our new place. After about 5 weeks,we now have our telephone installed and our DSL,which is new to us. We’re enjoying the convenience and speed of instant internet access instead of dial-up. We have found a place for everything in our new home and . . . →Read More:The Mortensens are settled

After the Congresses…

Thank you for praying for the two Embera congresses,where the official alphabet was discussed. The church is encouraged by the current situation.

At the first congress,which was convened by the chief who is recognized by the government,the commission which had been promoting the unusable alphabet did not even show up. So their . . . →Read More:After the Congresses…

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