Alphabet survey seminars

Yesterday Doug,Abundio,Julio and Chaz attended a meeting with a team headed by the unofficial chief’s education coordinator. We were cautious about this meeting because of a distrusted person who was in attendance. The coordinator asked us to do a series of training seminars on linguistics so those trained could visit remote villages,do . . . →Read More:Alphabet survey seminars

Genesis provisional edition ‘D’

Chaz has finished the fourth provisional edition of the book of Genesis after incorporating Doug’s suggestions. He expected to give newly bound copies to Doug as well as to Abundio and Julio,who were in town for a meeting. But as Julio was leaving he asked for 12 copies since his uncle is starting a . . . →Read More:Genesis provisional edition ‘D’

Life at UM

Kirsten has survived her first week of college and so far is enjoying it,despite lots of homework and late nights. She has decided for this semester to not take on extra involvement like rowing or yearbook,to make sure she has time for studies and work and can get into the rhythm of college . . . →Read More:Life at UM

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

Laura and Helga are involved in US Girl Scouts Overseas in Brownies troop #6. For the past 2 weeks all the US Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts here in Panama have been raising funds to make a donation to the Red Cross for the Katrina victims’relief fund. Several girls from our troop,including Laura, . . . →Read More:Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

Quick answer to prayer

Thank you for praying regarding my accepting the role of linguistic advisor for the group I mentioned yesterday. I definitely will not accept the role at this time. The group’s goal appears to be that of funding the linguistic research project of a private individual,part of which is introducing yet another alphabet proposal! We . . . →Read More:Quick answer to prayer

This week with the alphabet

While there have been some positive steps in the N. Embera alphabet saga,there are still some rocky areas we need to go through.

The first objective has been met:the alphabet deemed unusable by the people is no longer under consideration. On August 16th a resolution was drafted to use different letters. The church . . . →Read More:This week with the alphabet

Chaz in the Darien

View from town of Sambu toward pedestrian bridge to Puerto Indio.

Doug and I were invited to attend a regional congress and present the 1974 alphabet,the one the church uses. We had to go out a day earlier than we thought,because of the limited flight schedule,but it was a time to . . . →Read More:Chaz in the Darien

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