For a rainy day

We’re having lots of rain here these days,most likely due to Wilma and aftermath. It always rains a lot in Panama,but the daily pattern has been very unusual,like pouring at 7:30 in the morning,or at 6:30 at night,almost unheard of to have rain at those hours. We have had a . . . →Read More:For a rainy day

“End of the Spear”wins award

“End of the Spear”has won the grand prize at the Heartland Film Festival! It is scheduled for theatrical release in January 2006. Read about it here:

See new link at right for the movie’s official website.

Last Sunday

Last Sunday,October 16th,Doug and I held a seminar about Bible translation at an Embera church close to Panama City. This church has not always given their full support to our work but they were the ones who asked us to give this seminar.

We talked about how words in Spanish and Embera . . . →Read More:Last Sunday

News from Venezuela re:New Tribes

The newest official report:

“NTM’s Venezuelan leaders on national TV

CARACAS,Venezuela:NTM leaders in Venezuela received a favorable response to various media opportunities yesterday in Caracas.

A morning radio interview with Marcos Brito,an NTM Venezuelan leader,went extremely well. Marcos expressed our mission’s purpose for ministry among tribal people,and our disappointment . . . →Read More:News from Venezuela re:New Tribes

Doug Schermerhorn’s dad

Our partner Doug’s father is deteriorating rapidly. Doug expects him to die soon and would like to be able to go back home to see him and help with all the arrangements. Please pray for wisdom for him in deciding when to leave. He is busy working on Philippians with Abundio and they are having . . . →Read More:Doug Schermerhorn’s dad

New Tribes Mission in Venezuela

Our partner in the Northern Embera translation project,Doug Schermerhorn,is a member of New Tribes Mission in Panama. New Tribes has also worked for many years in Venezuela and is now facing a crisis.

Here is the official statement:

“13 October 2005 CARACAS,Venezuela:Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced yesterday during a nationally . . . →Read More:New Tribes Mission in Venezuela

Into Colombia

Remember we told you Chaz would be going to Colombia in November? Well,that trip has been postponed until probably January,due to scheduling problems. That means he will also miss the New Testament dedication for the Epena people. We hope to get a report and pictures from it,though,and will share those with . . . →Read More:Into Colombia

Fall-ing into October

While in the US trees are changing color in the annual beauty pageant,here in Panama it’s just green,green and more green,with splashes of color from flowers and beautiful shades of blue,green and brown in the various bodies of water. Our weather alternates between hot and sticky sunshine to warm and sticky . . . →Read More:Fall-ing into October

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