History of “End of the Spear”

From a letter from Bob Creson,the current president of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA:

“Our friend and partner in ministry,Mart Green,attended a New Testament dedication in Guatemala in 1998 where his life was changed. Mart is an American businessman,the founder and CEO of Mardel Christian and Education Supply stores,and a friend . . . →Read More:History of “End of the Spear”

News from Venezuela

Here is an excerpt from a letter from a New Tribes couple working currently in Venezuela:

”…It has been a little over three weeks since the president of Venezuela announced our expulsion from the country on national television. In some ways it has seemed more like 3 years,as the ultimate outcome of our . . . →Read More:News from Venezuela

President Bush in Panama

President and Mrs. Bush spent 20 hours in Panama,from Sunday night to Monday afternoon. (Unless otherwise noted,these pictures are taken from the internet. We were not present at these events!) Here are some images:

Morning meetings followed by a press conference. He is shaking hands with President Martin Torrijos of Panama,the . . . →Read More:President Bush in Panama

Happy Birthday,Danny!

Today is Danny’s birthday and he is celebrating by being sick! We thank the Lord for the 15 years Danny has been part of our lives. Here’s our first family portrait:

We’ve all changed a bit since then,but our love for each other has not. Many of you have known us since before . . . →Read More:Happy Birthday,Danny!

Colossians 3:11

Christ is all and in all . . . →Read More:Colossians 3:11

Rally for New Tribes Mission in Venezuela

Earlier this week a rally in support of New Tribes Mission was held in a regional capital where many indigenous people from various tribes come for education,work and supplies. Please see the official report by viewing the following link:


In a personal message we read that the order expelling New Tribes missionaries . . . →Read More:Rally for New Tribes Mission in Venezuela

Trip to remote area postponed

Chaz and Maximiliano were planning to go visit a remote part of Panama where the Emberas have had relatively little contact with missionaries. The last time we were out there we made a short presentation about the alphabet issue at the regional congress and were well received. At that time some people attending from other . . . →Read More:Trip to remote area postponed

Happy Birthday,Panama!

Today is Panama’s 102nd birthday. On November 3,1903,Panama was officially separated from Colombia and became an independent nation. The country celebrates with lots of parades and flags everywhere,along with a 4-day weekend.

The flag of the Republic of Panama is a red,white and blue quartered flag. The white in . . . →Read More:Happy Birthday,Panama!

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