Excerpt from the 2006 Embera calendar

Here is a page from the 2006 Embera calendar:

The text says,“The month that trees produce nuts and seeds. The month that animal fat comes.”This is a good month for hunting,as the animals are eating a lot and getting fat.

Here is the corresponding month:

In the upper left . . . →Read More:Excerpt from the 2006 Embera calendar

Who is the Word of God?

In the first chapter of the Gospel of John,the author refers to someone he calls the Logos,or “Word”in most English Bible translations. In Greek thought,Logos referred to the reason or force which structured the universe. Pantheists said the Logos held the universe together and endowed men with wisdom. More specifically,Stoics . . . →Read More:Who is the Word of God?

Vines,pruning and complete joy

In drafting John 15:1 and following,I was surprised to find out that even though the Emberas plant different kinds of banana and fruit trees,they do not prune some branches to make others grow better. They don’t grow grapes,either,and to them a vine is something that hangs down from a tree and . . . →Read More:Vines,pruning and complete joy

Faith vs. Trust

For a long time I was dissatisfied with the Northern Embera expression used for “trust”,the kind of abiding trust by which people hang onto God’s promises. In other drafts it had been translated the same way as “believe”and “faith,”but in the passage Bienvenido and I were working on,this would not be . . . →Read More:Faith vs. Trust

More on End of the Spear

Just a reminder to you all that End of the Spear will be opening in about 1200 theaters around the US on January 20. To find a theater near you,go to the website on our list of links at the right,then look for “Group Sales”,then click on “Click for Theater Listings”.

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