End of the Spear at the UN

News from Bearing Fruit Communications and Every Tribe Entertainment:

At the request of an Ambassador to the United Nations,Every Tribe Entertainment took End of the Spear to New York for a private screening for the Ambassador and her distinguished guests at a theater in Times Square.

Steve Saint and Mincaye attended with some . . . →Read More:End of the Spear at the UN

Ready for the consultant

Chaz and Rogelio,a local Embera Christian,have finished answering our translation consultant’s questions on the Gospel of Mark and have sent the responses to her in preparation for our consulting sessions which begin February 8 (see below).

Until then,Chaz and his partner Doug will be in Colombia with translators who work in . . . →Read More:Ready for the consultant

A note from Colombia

Here’s an excerpt from a note from a missionary in Colombia who received the package Chaz sent:

“Chaz,…the Calendars are wonderful and also the Bible segments. I am going to Bahia Solano and Jurado [small towns on the Pacific coast with nearby Embera communities] this week and again in Feb.,by the way, . . . →Read More:A note from Colombia

Genesis,generators,and bad jokes

Last week some fellow missionaries who had friends visiting from the U.S. contacted me about going to visit an Embera village for the day. So we made the arrangements and went. I had hoped to get some of the checks on the Gospel of Mark done that our consultant had asked me to do.

. . . →Read More:Genesis,generators,and bad jokes

A consultant check?

There are many steps in producing a Bible translation:exegesis,rough draft,revision,comprehension checking,a partner check,and a consultant check.

In order to get the consultant check done,first we produce a very literal back-translation in English so our consultant can see what the Embera text reads like. She then checks to make . . . →Read More:A consultant check?

End of the Spear theaters link

Go to this link to look for theaters near you that will be showing End of the Spear:


End of the Spear news

From Bearing Fruit Communications:

Here are more chances for you to see and hear updates about End of the Spear

In anticipation of the January 20 release of End of the Spear,we’re excited to tell you that our friends Cornerstone Television have agreed to air the Beyond the Gates of Splendor documentary and . . . →Read More:End of the Spear news

Kirsten in Panama

Here we are all together again for a couple weeks:

We had a good 2 weeks celebrating Kirsten’s birthday,Christmas and New Year’s. We ate a lot and talked a lot and just enjoyed each other’s company. We look forward to seeing each other again in June,when we 4 Panama Morts will head . . . →Read More:Kirsten in Panama

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