A tribute

For many years,Linda McMillan worked in the finance office in Bogota,Colombia,making sure that all the Wycliffe personnel working there got their money on time and into their local bank accounts. Many of you were supporting us already back then,and she made sure your money got to us. She had many hassles . . . →Read More:A tribute

Kirsten’s glee

Kirsten auditioned for and was quickly accepted into the UM Women’s Glee Club. Here they are last week singing the national anthem before a women’s basketball game:

Can you spot her? Unfortunately,the UM team lost!

Here it’s a bit easier to see her. She is doing much better this semester. We . . . →Read More:Kirsten’s glee

A week with the translation consultant

In the six days of meetings with our translation consultant,Marion Miller,Doug and I along with several Embera Christians looked at remaining problems in the Gospel of Mark,1&2 Thessalonians and 1&2 Timothy. Once in a while we would really get stuck on a passage. One of these passages was 2 Timothy 4:2-3. Paul . . . →Read More:A week with the translation consultant

End of the Spear showing at the UN

As of last week,over a million people experienced End of the Spear for the first time. As a country was making contact,this story was circling the United Nations in New York. On Monday Jan 30,Every Tribe Entertainment returned for a special screening in the U.N. building for Ambassadors,dignitaries and secretariat staff. . . . →Read More:End of the Spear showing at the UN

from Venezuela

Here’s a glimpse of current life for a New Tribes family in Venezuela:(names have been deleted)


We waved good-bye to the …people,and even though waving isn’t something they normally do,some of them waved back. We supposed they would be fine,but couldn’t escape feeling . . . →Read More:from Venezuela

Key time in Colombia

Thank you all for praying for my (Chaz’s) trip to Colombia. Seven of us Bible translators working in five related languages from Panama City to the Ecuadorian border of Colombia met to discuss translation of key biblical terms and to see how we could benefit each other in additional ways. I will detail here some . . . →Read More:Key time in Colombia

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