Last post from Guatemala

This was the last message we received,on Saturday:

“Good morning! We are up bright and early as we prepare to take the boat back over the lake. Friday was a great last day. The house is almost complete and during the vbs many of our kids had the opportunity to share Christ with the . . . →Read More:Last post from Guatemala

Positive outlook on the alphabet

On Sunday I attended a meeting at the nearest Embera church and it went well. Cornelio,a trained Embera teacher,had gone to the Indigenous Education office to find out whether there was anything of interest going on. It turns out that a couple of people have been moved around,so there is an opening . . . →Read More:Positive outlook on the alphabet

Progress in our absence

Before we left for our short furlough,I left some work for a couple of Emberas to do. Feliznita was to translate our Embera draft of Matthew,chapters 1-18,back into Spanish so our consultant could check it. Bienvenido was to make a new draft of Acts,using notes and suggestions I had prepared for . . . →Read More:Progress in our absence

Latest from Guatemala

Here’s an excerpt from the latest report from the Crossroads Team Guatemala:

“[On Tuesday] we met the pastor [of the local church] –Abraham. He said that we could have anywhere from 40-70 kids. We are excited. That will happen each afternoon from 2:30-4:30. The mornings will be spent in Colonia building a house and . . . →Read More:Latest from Guatemala

Danny’s off to Guatemala

Danny left Sunday morning for Guatemala. He is one of a group of 25 teenagers from our church here in Panama City going on a missions trip,the first one ever for young people from this church. They will be doing lots of physical labor,rebuilding houses and other buildings destroyed in earthquakes. They will . . . →Read More:Danny’s off to Guatemala

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