Technology and translation

Chaz and Doug make use of a number of modern technologies to translate the Bible into Northern Embera. They both have laptops which they keep with them in order to refer to Bible translation helps and commentaries. At the same time,Chaz has his desktop computer connected to Doug’s projector,so the text and translation . . . →Read More:Technology and translation

Kirsten is moved in

Helga returned last week from moving Kirsten in to her new dorm at the University of Michigan. They started in Midland with a very full car:

Ready to go!

After a long day of driving,unloading,unpacking,furniture-moving and sorting,she was moved in and is now nicely settled.

She has started . . . →Read More:Kirsten is moved in

Some new links on our blog

Look over the right side of our blog under the various links. There are several new ones to explore.

Moments in an Embera church

This morning we attended church at a local Embera church,on the outskirts of Panama City. It meets in Rogelio’s back yard,in a small roofed area with dirt floor,one light bulb,a mike,amplifier and electric guitar,and lots of backless benches. In the distance you can hear the neighbors’salsa music,chickens, . . . →Read More:Moments in an Embera church

More encouraging news

Last Sunday,our partner Doug was on his way back from spending a week in an Embera village and he stopped in at an Embera church on the edge of the city. After the service,as he was talking with some people,the pastor came up and asked Doug which Emberas worked on the Gospel . . . →Read More:More encouraging news

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