What have we been doing?

…besides translation,that is? Chaz plays basketball and soccer when he can,with men from a local church. He continues his involvement with PAAM,the Panamanian mission organization that is starting up,and in leadership at our church in Gamboa.

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Translation progress so far

This chart shows the progress of the New Testament translation in Northern Embera as of March 2007.

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Time with Kirsten

We had a really great visit with Kirsten a couple weeks ago. She was only here a week but we packed in a lot of family time and activities,including a weekend at the beach. She visited us at work and school,saw some local friends,rested and studied. We got in some local food . . . →Read More:Time with Kirsten

The past two weeks in translation

From March 5-16 Chaz,Doug and four Emberas met to answer the last consultant questions on Matthew. We also read through Philippians,Colossians,Titus,Philemon and Jude,making any minor changes necessary. Our consultant has now given us approval for publication of these books. (Above,Abundio reads the cover of a newly bound book.) . . . →Read More:The past two weeks in translation

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