Emberas reading –movie

Here’s a short movie of the Emberas in Parara Puru enjoying the reading materials:

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Eager to read

Last week all four of us accompanied a group of children from our local church up the Chagres River to an Embera community called Parara Puru. The church kids have gone before to minister to the Embera kids and today they did the same –games,singing,sharing food,Bible stories,personal time of sharing . . . →Read More:Eager to read

It’s perfect

About six weeks ago,Sonia,one of the students at the nearby Youth With a Mission training center,was leaving for an Embera village to do a month-long ministry practicum. I happened to have five copies of our latest provisional Scripture book in Embera,so I gave them to her to distribute in the village. . . . →Read More:It’s perfect

Celebrating together

“Even now the harvest workers are receiving their reward by gathering a harvest that brings eternal life. Then everyone who planted the seed and everyone who harvests the crop will celebrate together. So the saying proves true:‘Some plant the seed and others harvest the crop’.” —John 4:36-37 CEV

When Cornelio and I were checking . . . →Read More:Celebrating together

What’s on the schedule for June?

What’s NOT on the schedule for June? Our consultant,Marion Miller,will be arriving June 1 along with her husband,Jim. While Jim helps out a translation team working in another language,Marion will be checking the first 10 chapters of the Gospel of Luke with us.

Part of the time Marion is in . . . →Read More:What’s on the schedule for June?

Very busy May!

The month of May is busy for everyone with end-of-the-year school functions and so on. For one example,the first weekend of the month Danny performed in a school play,took the SAT the next morning,and sang in a talent show his youth group put on that night to raise funds for their summer . . . →Read More:Very busy May!

Busy April in translation

In April our N. Embera translation team met with one of our consultants,Bill Bivin,to finish a second check on Genesis. Since Genesis was the first book I did,it has had to be revised a lot,and so we felt a second consultant checking it would be worthwhile. It is approved for publication . . . →Read More:Busy April in translation

Youth trip to Peru

Dear friends,

The youth group at our church here in Panama City is going on a mission trip this summer to Peru. Danny will be a part of this mission trip. They will be doing a vacation Bible school,concerts,sports clinics,medical help and any physical labor that is needed. We have posted a . . . →Read More:Youth trip to Peru

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