New videos

We’re posting some new video clips.

Here is Luke 14:31-33 being read by Fle during team checking.

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Here is the team discussing Luke 14,during the second week of team checking.

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New Testament progress updated

Here is our most recent chart showing the status of all New Testament books in Northern Embera.Â

. . . →Read More:New Testament progress updated

Second week of team checking

The second week went smoothly,despite the continued lack of washing appliances and some minor health complaints. The laundry and (at the end) all the linens were washed at our house and the weather cooperated by sending mostly sun to dry things quickly. Health issues were remedied with OTC medications. Our car was fixed with . . . →Read More:Second week of team checking

Weather problems

“As soon as you see a cloud coming up in the west,you say ‘It’s going to rain’,and it does. When the south wind blows,you say,‘It’s going to get hot,’and it does.”–Luke 12:54-55 (CEV)

When we were checking the Embera draft of Luke 12:54-55,we ran into some weather problems. . . . →Read More:Weather problems

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