Chaz is off to eastern Panama

Chaz will be accompanying an Embera church delegation in order to give a linguist’s perspective on the alphabet issue. Some possible activities may include Bible teaching,literacy instruction,reading practice,all with the end of strengthening ties with the community. They don’t know if any activities are actually scheduled or exactly what format to expect. . . . →Read More:Chaz is off to eastern Panama

Blast from the past

Chaz recently returned from a brief trip to Michigan for a Mortensen family reunion. Someone unearthed this and passed it on to him. We are starting to feel old as we contemplate this c. 1988 photo. Are there many of you reading this who remember receiving this card?

. . . →Read More:Blast from the past

Literacy workshop

On August 2,Chaz,Doug,Cornelio,Abundio and Wendy (a New Tribes Mission literacy specialist) went up the Chagres River to Parara Puru (see red arrow in map above),an Embera community with a high interest in reading. They spent the day conducting a “transition literacy”workshop. “Transition”means helping the people transfer their . . . →Read More:Literacy workshop

Safely home

Danny returned home safely from Peru last week,glad for the adventures he had and the opportunities for ministry. Soon we will post his report and more pictures.

Where in Peru is Danny?

The youth group flew into Guayaquil,Ecuador,then took an 11-hour bus ride to Mancora,Peru. See the upper left quadrant of the map.

Here’s an excerpt from our latest email update from Peru:

“They had another good day of ministry yesterday. Christian and Gerardo did a great job speaking,although Gerardo was a . . . →Read More:Where in Peru is Danny?

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