Where is Chaz?

Right here! In a small town in the department of Cordoba (bright pink),in the northwestern part of Colombia. (Map is taken from www.colombiaenmexico.org).

He is spending time with three independent Colombia missionaries,also working among the Embera-Katio group. He is listening to and encouraging them in their work,and also evaluating their language . . . →Read More:Where is Chaz?

Chaz in Colombia

From Chaz:Â Thank you all for praying for the consulting sessions with the Embera-Katio translation team. We checked over 250 places in the Gospel of Matthew for possible wrong meaning,potential lack of clarity,omissions and extraneous information. With God’s help we finished the check on Friday afternoon and we are all encouraged!

Pictured below . . . →Read More:Chaz in Colombia

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