What are Translators Notes?

Here are some sample pages from the Translators Notes on the book of Luke. They contain the actual text,taken from the New International Version,followed by commentary,explanations and suggestions on ways to translate the text. My team’s job is to look at the Spanish versions of the text and make any changes necessary . . . →Read More:What are Translators Notes?

New life for our old car

Remember our silver Hyundai Galloper in Panama? Many of you contributed to our fund to buy that car 9 years ago. We had to sell it,of course,when we left Panama to move back to the US. We chose to sell it to another missionary family in New Tribes Mission. They moved into the . . . →Read More:New life for our old car

Life in a new country

So,here we are,adjusting to life in a new country. No,we haven’t moved to yet another country without telling you. We have simply come back to our home country to live. I say “home country”,because it is “home”to me and to Chaz,but not necessarily to Laura (or Danny or Kirsten, . . . →Read More:Life in a new country

Helga’s new job

Here,in her own words,is Helga’s description of her new position with Wycliffe.

I am excited to announce to you that I have accepted a new position with Wycliffe Bible Translators. For the 10 years in Panama,there was not a Wycliffe-related job for me to do,as Chaz and Doug were doing the . . . →Read More:Helga’s new job

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