Genesis workshop

Here’s Chaz’s report:

Have you ever tried to make sense of Jacob’s dream at Bethel in Genesis 28? What is the significance of seeing a staircase in a dream? What is so important about angels descending? Why did Jacob call a place where there was no building a house? Understanding what happened in its Ancient . . . →Read More:Genesis workshop

Life continues

So,how are the Mortensens adjusting to their new life? We’ve discovered that life here in the US is much easier than in Panama,in many ways,but as we acknowledge that,we also recognize that there is a huge divide between our old life and our new life. We might as well be on . . . →Read More:Life continues

A proofing party

What is that,you ask,a “proofing party”? One was held recently at the JAARS center in Waxhaw,North Carolina,shortly after Chaz and Doug finished the pre-publication preparation of the Northern Embera scriptures. Here is a report from one of the people involved:

A couple weeks ago I (Pauline) had the opportunity to go . . . →Read More:A proofing party

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