Chaz’s memories of the dedication services

There were 3 of them! First came the one out in eastern Panama,in the Embera community of Laja Blanca,August 13:

Each speaker saying how happy (s)he was

The community building being filled with people listening to the recording [done by Faith Comes by Hearing,for playing on a Proclaimer] an hour before the . . . →Read More:Chaz’s memories of the dedication services

The years pass quickly

I (Helga) am feeling nostalgic today. I think that’s one of the signs of middle age,isn’t it? I have a couple days alone at home,which has gotten me thinking about myself,and the past,and my family and all that good stuff. For many years I was just me. Well,I had parents . . . →Read More:The years pass quickly

An account of the dedication

Chaz’s dad Joe accompanied him for the big day. He graciously agreed to share it here.

Beyond the End of the Road

Chaz with cartons of Bibles

The dedication was held in Laja Blanca (“white flat rock”),a village in the Darien (easternmost region of Panama) located on the Chucunaque River,which rises in . . . →Read More:An account of the dedication

The dedication –almost here!

August 8,2011

The time for the dedication of the Northern Embera Bible is almost here! There will be two dedications actually. The first will be this Saturday,August 13,in Laja Blanca,an Embera community out in the Darien province of Panama,well east of Panama City. This will be for mostly the Embera . . . →Read More:The dedication –almost here!

Embera Bible –printed and audio

June 24,2011

We received some special shipments in the last 2 weeks.

This is the actual Embera Bible that Chaz is looking at! It represents a lot of years of work on the part of many people and it wouldn’t exist without the help of so many of you,in prayers and support . . . →Read More:Embera Bible –printed and audio

Chaz’s report on his trip to Italy

Yes,it’s true,I’m updating our blog. I would like to start posting our email updates on here as well,so they are more permanent. That way once people delete us from the inbox,they can still come here for the information.

Old news,but still good to read.

June 3,2011

Chaz has returned . . . →Read More:Chaz’s report on his trip to Italy

Newest news

July 17,2011

Greetings from Kalamazoo,Michigan,where we are experiencing the hottest part of the summer! We may hit some record highs this week. We were so blessed to be able to spend last week in northern Michigan at a beautiful lake,where it was cooler. While we are back home this week,Laura . . . →Read More:Newest news

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