Family news September 2011

Hello Family and Friends,

Summer is just about over and we’re all starting into busy fall schedules. After the excitement of this summer and the Embera Bible dedication,it’s harder to settle into a routine,but we’re managing. Kirsten,Danny and Laura are all back in school and Helga will also be heading to school. . . . →Read More:Family news September 2011

Writing Biblical names in Embera

For those of you with a more intellectual bent,you may enjoy reading some of the issues that come up when you’re trying to write names from the Bible so they are readable and pronounceable in a language vastly different from Hebrew,Greek,or English.

Chaz says,

We dealt with names in the Northern Embera . . . →Read More:Writing Biblical names in Embera

A new story starts

This comes from our pastor in Panama,who pastors a small church in Gamboa,on the edge of the Panama Canal,at the edge of the jungle,near a river that is runs by the home of many indigenous Embera and Wounaan people. Pastor Bill participated in the Bible dedication celebration in August and has . . . →Read More:A new story starts

New team member needed!

The Spanish Translator’s Notes team is in desperate need of a new adaptor. This is the person who goes through the original English version of the notes (commentaries and translation advice) and adapts them to reflect the Spanish Bible. Please pray with us that this crucial role will soon be filled. There are many eager . . . →Read More:New team member needed!

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