How to learn Hebrew

Chaz tries to link the new to the familiar. As he explains:

When most people think of Hebrew they think of the strange alphabet. A few of the letters are similar to Roman characters,like C and R,and one type of S looks just like the Greek letter sigma,but most letters are very . . . →Read More:How to learn Hebrew

Publicity for Translator’s Notes in Spanish

Last week there was a Bible Translation conference in Dallas,gathering people from all over the world who are involved in translating the Bible. It was a time for all of these people to present their work to each other and learn what is going on internationally in the field. One of the Spanish TN . . . →Read More:Publicity for Translator’s Notes in Spanish

Doug’s mother

Dear Family and Friends,


A couple weeks ago the Northern Embera translation team lost one of its staunchest supporters and prayer warriors. On October 8,2011,our partner Doug Schermerhorn’s mother,June,died peacefully in her sleep,after several years of missing her husband (pictured behind her in the photo) and struggling with dementia. . . . →Read More:Doug’s mother

International Literacy Day 2011

from SIL’s website:

International Literacy Day 2011:Literacy for Peace “In today’s knowledge driven societies,lack of literacy is more than ever synonymous with exclusion and marginalization… 

Investing in literacy programs is a sensible and essential development choice. Literacy is a key component of strategies to promote sustainable development and peace. It is central to . . . →Read More:International Literacy Day 2011

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