Spanish Translator’s Notes now available in a new format

Paratext is a tool for Bible translators. It allows them to access multiple Bible versions,commentaries and other translation helps at the same time that they are working on their own translation project,all within the same program. They can exchange files with other people working on the project by email or a central website. . . . →Read More:Spanish Translator’s Notes now available in a new format

New things happening with the Embera translation

During the week that Helga was in Dallas,our partner in the Northern Embera translation work,Doug Schermerhorn,came up from his home in Indiana to work with Chaz on the script fit for the Jesus film. In a perfect world,the wording from the New Testament translation can just be cut-and-pasted into the script, . . . →Read More:New things happening with the Embera translation

Helga’s trip to Dallas

December 5-9 I (Helga) was in Dallas for an intense week of orientation and training in formatting Translator’s Notes,the volumes of commentary that Wycliffe produces for indigenous translators. This involves extensive knowledge of many aspects of editing and layout,handling hundreds of details and templates and macros. We welcomed Karen,the new member of . . . →Read More:Helga’s trip to Dallas

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