Happy International Mother Language Day!

Celebrating International Mother Language Day

February 21,2012 by Wycliffe Bible Translators USA


Love Your Language

Unesco Poster

Today,February 21,is Unesco’s International Mother Language Day—a celebration of linguistic diversity and richness of the nearly seven thousand languages spoken around the world.

History International Mother Language Day has been celebrated since a . . . →Read More:Happy International Mother Language Day!

Latest family update –February 3,2012

We have had a full month,as have most of you,I’m sure. After celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends and hockey (Kalamazoo K-Wings)…













we headed into the New Year. Chaz and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at a bed-and-breakfast here . . . →Read More:Latest family update –February 3,2012

Current work news –February 9,2012

There is a lot to tell you. With this update,we will bring you up-to-date on our work with Bible translation,helping translators in the Americas Area get their jobs done.

Chaz –Recently he has consulted with Judy Harms on 1 Samuel in the Epena-Saija language. (Judy and her husband Phill are now retiring . . . →Read More:Current work news –February 9,2012

The Jesus film script

Here is a portion of the Embera script for the Jesus film. Please note that not all the marks are accurate,as this blog does not give us access to all the appropriate fonts.

DOUG EXPLAINS:“…the 11:01 when the actual speaking begins in the loop (ie. 11.1 seconds). Loop 1 in:1:00:09:15 out:1:00:31:20 is . . . →Read More:The Jesus film script

The use of “Allah”in Bible translations

This was a recent correspondence Chaz had with a local friend on this subject. Our friend asked:

“I just received information that Wycliffe is answering allegations that a new Bible they are working on or finished with (?) for the Muslims compromises some important things like naming the Father as Allah,etc. Have you any . . . →Read More:The use of “Allah”in Bible translations

WBT and family terms

Today Wycliffe USA came out with the following statement on our website regarding the way we translate divine familial terms:

“Wycliffe USA is grateful to all those who have expressed their questions and concerns regarding reports that we have been removing “Father” and “Son” from certain Bible translations,particularly in Muslim cultures. Wycliffe USA is . . . →Read More:WBT and family terms

Chaz’s most recent learning experience

If you’re interested in learning more about the Calvin Symposium on Worship,an annual event,see the following link. It contains the program,schedule,notes and other information. It is aimed at church leaders and worship leaders and educators,but all are welcome.


The newly-published Psalms for all Seasons:A Complete Psalter for Worship . . . →Read More:Chaz’s most recent learning experience

Uncle Jim’s obituary

Mommer’s obituary

Betsy Ross Nummy,88,died on Jan. 19,2012,at Bickford Cottage of Midland.

Betsy was born on Jan. 31,1923,in Bloomington,Ill.,and grew up in Chicago and Wheaton,Ill. Her parents were Orville and Rachel (Lathrop) Ross. Betsy graduated from Wheaton High School,received her bachelor’s degree from Lawrence College in . . . →Read More:Mommer’s obituary

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