Delivery of the Proclaimers

Remember our telling you about the Proclaimers,the portable solar-powered MP3 players,that would be sent to villages for people to listen to the Embera Bible in audio version? They are on their way! The majority of them will be distributed this coming week,Easter week,during the annual Holy Week conference that the Embera . . . →Read More:Delivery of the Proclaimers

The Mortensens in March

Here in Michigan the weather has been like summer,allowing the flowers to bloom and the trees to start turning green,but then it changed its mind and has been freezing again. The poor plants and animals are confused,but spring break is now upon us,to Laura’s great delight,and we look forward . . . →Read More:The Mortensens in March

One story

Scripture Stories Share Forgiveness

March 28,2012 by Wycliffe Bible Translators USA


Many Bibleless people groups are oral societies,processing life lessons through music,drama,and story,rather than the analytical,literate methods that many western cultures use. Wycliffe works withOneStory—a global partnership withCampus Crusade for Christ,Pioneers International,Trans World Radio, . . . →Read More:One story

Jesus now speaks Embera

Dear Family and Friends,The Jesus film is now complete in the Embera language!! Chaz and Doug prepared the script over several months’time and the team from Cru (formerly Campus Crusade) spent several weeks recently in Panama to record the audio track. Edgar Rodriguez (in orange shirt),leader of the team,working with . . . →Read More:Jesus now speaks Embera

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