May for the Mortensens

Hello dear family and friends,

Here is our latest graduate! Chaz and Laura and I were privileged to be able to attend and celebrate with Danny,who is obviously excited 🙂 He will join us in Michigan for a month before starting his summer job at Pine Cove Camp in Texas. This fall he will . . . →Read More:May for the Mortensens

Rapid Word Collection

Rapid Word Collection:an updated approach to dictionary creation

Ask someone for his word for “roof” and you will collect one word. Ask him,“What are the parts of a house?” and you will get “roof,wall,door,window,eaves” and other words that you wouldn’t expect. In one language there is a word for . . . →Read More:Rapid Word Collection

Graduation and Guatemala

Hello friends and family,

We were one happy group this last Saturday when we cheered for Kirsten as she received her M.A. in Speech Pathology and Audiology. She will soon start her first job in Battle Creek as an “SLP”= speech and language pathologist. Here are a few pictures,with proud family,grandparents and . . . →Read More:Graduation and Guatemala

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