Embera mission trip

Here’s the mission trip report in two parts,first the prayer request,then the result,both in Chaz’s words:

Monday evening [August 13] on the anniversary of the Embera Bible dedication I received a call from Panama. It was Felipe,the vice-president of the Embera church association,just calling to say hello. He told me . . . →Read More:Embera mission trip

One Little Vowel

We read this story recently in a colleague’s letter and had to pass it on to you. It’s a perfect picture of why linguistics is an integral part of Bible translation. Even you non-linguists will understand it! Thank you,Kevin and Anita,for sharing this.

“…here is the story from Cameroon,entitled “One Little Vowel” . . . →Read More:One Little Vowel

The Jesus film in Northern Embera

Here’s a link to a short (about 8 minutes) documentary about the filming of the Jesus film in Embera,done in Panama by Cru earlier this year. You will see Doug,Chaz’s partner,and several of our Embera co-translators and friends. Enjoy!


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