The use of Translator’s Notes

Periodically I get feedback from people using Translator’s Notes around the world and that is great encouragement for our team to keep working. Just last month I,along with two other formatters,got the volume of commentary and translation helps for 1 Timothy finished and ready for uploading to the “Translator’s Workplace”software website. This . . . →Read More:The use of Translator’s Notes

Update on T. people

Thank you for your prayers,expressions of support and inquiries about these dear people in Colombia. Here is some news (slightly edited) from the Pickens:

Update on the T. community evacuation:Liam,our T. translator and a community leader,reports that the 350 members of his community are being housed in several of the county . . . →Read More:Update on T. people

Urgent prayer request

We write this on behalf of a community of the “T”people in Colombia who speak a language related to Northern Embera. Our long-time friends David and Penelope Pickens are translating the Bible for these people and Chaz does regular consulting for them. Many people the Pickens know and have worked with live in this . . . →Read More:Urgent prayer request


We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving day! We are thankful to be in the work of helping Bible translators and we are especially thankful for YOUR interest and support of that work. Our special thanks for:

-family to enjoy Thanksgiving with -Chaz’s progress in consulting in the Gospel of Matthew for 2 translations . . . →Read More:Thankful!

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