Praying to completion


This week we ask you to pray especially for colleagues in a beloved country where we used to live.

This Bible translation team has worked with an ethnic group in the mountains of Colombia since the 1970s. They have experienced much opposition from guerrilla groups and from a pseudo-traditional organization that claims to represent . . . →Read More:Praying to completion

Jesus Film Media

About a year and a half ago we shared with you the story of the filming of Cru’s Jesus film with Northern Embera audio. Click here to read original blog entry It is now available to view online! Go here to see more: Now any Northern Embera speaker with an internet connection . . . →Read More:Jesus Film Media

Connections with the past




Last week we received an update from some Wycliffe colleagues,Bob and Judy Reed. Bob grew up in northern Colombia,where his parents were missionaries. Here are some excerpts from their letter,with some editing on our part:

“In August,Bob and I got to meet two lovely young Colombian ladies,Claudia . . . →Read More:Connections with the past

Fall news

Work News at Home and on the Field

As fall approaches our schedule is picking up speed. Chaz has submitted his doctoral thesis-project to the seminary for a pre-defense check;his thesis defense will be October 13 (during a Bible Translation conference). We are so thankful that this project is almost done. He can . . . →Read More:Fall news

Consultants and commentaries

I share the below information with the permission of our supervisor. It give a great explanation of some of the issues translation consultants (like Chaz!) deal with regularly. It also points out the importance of having useable commentaries and translation helps (like Translator’s Notes!) Both Chaz and I work from home,but our work goes . . . →Read More:Consultants and commentaries

Mortensens in July –catching up!

Here I am posting old news. We have gotten behind in our blog here and are striving to catch up and stay more current. Here is some news from mid-summer.

We are back in Michigan for the duration of summer and are glad temperatures are much cooler than last year! We spent the first three . . . →Read More:Mortensens in July –catching up!

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