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It’s complicated…but worth it

Chaz is preparing to leave on a 2-week trip to Colombia and Panama to work with Bible translators and with Embera Christians. On Tuesday,Wycliffe translator David Pickens informed us that Frank,who works with him on the Chamí Bible translation,was ill and needed to see a doctor. Please pray that he would recover . . . →Read More:It’s complicated…but worth it

The four seasons


As I write this,it is alternately raining and snowing here in Kalamazoo,Michigan. It’s only October and it is snowing! Some may complain about early snow,and I have my moments also. For one thing,snow is COLD and I don’t enjoy being cold. But after so many years living in the tropics, . . . →Read More:The four seasons

The dedicated Spanish Translator’s Notes team

Our last full team meeting,Februaru 2011. Those pictured above joined our team since that meeting.


I am honored to be working with a team dedicated to Bible translation by creating easy-to-understand translation commentaries for native speaker co-translators. Notice in the caption above that our last full meeting was in February 2011. We . . . →Read More:The dedicated Spanish Translator’s Notes team

Reflections on poverty


Today’s reflections come from friends Mark and Diane working in a village in Chad. This is shared with their permission.

What no one disputes is that Africa is always at the tail end of the world’s economic development. There is,however,little or no agreement as to why this is the case. The . . . →Read More:Reflections on poverty

Final revision is DONE

Two entries ago we wrote of colleagues in Colombia entering their last week of translation revision. Here is their report:

“On September 25,we finished the final translation committee check of the … New Testament! We thank God for His presence and enabling during each of the committee sessions and you for standing together with . . . →Read More:Final revision is DONE

God? Shaman? Medicine?

As people meet God,there is often clash with previously held beliefs and practices. Decisions must be made as to which way to go. Please pray with us for this situation in Colombia. Chaz will be traveling there next month to work with the Pickens on this translation.

Our colleagues the Pickens ask prayer for . . . →Read More:God? Shaman? Medicine?

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