Old friends

Chaz was in Panama recently and when he was visiting some friends at a hotel near the river,he heard his name called “Brother Carlos!”in Embera! He turned around –and lo and behold,here was a group of old friends! Some of you may recognize Maribel,in the purple shirt. She and her . . . →Read More:Old friends

Another view from Panama

Here is a report from some much-loved former colleagues of ours who worked in Panama for many years. Here are Keith and Wilma Forster,translators of the Kuna Bible.

They are now in the final phase of the translation,getting it ready for typesetting and publication. This was Chaz’s job three years ago for . . . →Read More:Another view from Panama

News from Colombia

Chaz is in a city in Colombia this week,working with David and Penelope Pickens on two different translation projects. You may recall that last year a group of T. people working with the Pickens on Bible translation faced intense problems with guerrilla groups and had to leave their lands. One,Liam,was planning to . . . →Read More:News from Colombia

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