Christmas both seen and heard

We share this post with permission of David and Penelope Pickens. Chaz regularly consults with them on two translation projects. Note the italics below –that is Chaz’s work. Thank you for your prayers and financial partnership that made this possible.

“Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace among . . . →Read More:Christmas both seen and heard

It takes a team

In order to complete a Bible translation in a given language,people need help on various fronts. In addition to the sending churches,financial supporters and prayer partners,translators need help from colleagues who are on site. In some of our most discouraging moments in our time in Panama,Wycliffe colleagues Keith and Wilma Forster . . . →Read More:It takes a team

A big “thank you”from Wycliffe

Here is a message from the Wycliffe USA director,Bob Creson,directed to all those who partner with Bible translators. View it here.

A “simple”Bible story,right?

This week Chaz is helping the Spanish Translator’s Notes team as he does on occasion ,time permitting. He is reading through the adaptation draft of Genesis 6-10,reviewing the adaptor’s work and adding comments and questions.

You may think the Flood story is easy to understand and therefore easy to translate. Of course it’s . . . →Read More:A “simple”Bible story,right?

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