Meanwhile, in Colombia…

Here is some news from colleagues working in Colombia. This shows one difficulty in translation – how to decide what to do with limited time. Sometimes a translator cannot do all that they wish to do,but something is better than nothing. We encourage you to pray with them in these next steps.

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News from Chaz

The Achi team tries their Psalm 121 song to the tune of a familiar chorus.


The last couple of days we have been studying the difficulties in Psalm 68 and also exploring textual difficulties throughout the Old Testament,whether from the Masoretic Text,the Septuagint,the Dead Sea Scrolls,mere translation decisions,or . . . →Read More:News from Chaz

Report from Guatemala

Here are some pictures from the workshop going on in Guatemala. Participants have survived a stomach virus and are working hard.

The Kiche team is good at thinking about poetic effects.


The Mam team sings in 3-part harmony.

Tzutujil and Aguacateco teams try adapting some music for their Psalms.

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Good Hebrew poetry

No two languages have corresponding vocabularies or the same number of concepts represented by their vocabularies. That means that often a word in one language will not have a good equivalent in another. Part of Hebrew poetry is expressing the same or similar concept in different ways. In the following passage the Israelites are called . . . →Read More:Good Hebrew poetry

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