Electricity and Bible translation

One of the Bible translation teams Chaz is beginning to serve as a consultant is the Jakalteko (Poptí) team in Guatemala. He found Valdemar and Josefa,pictured below,to be very sharp and creative translators.

Just recently we received news that because of a long-standing dispute between the Jakalteko community and the electric company, . . . →Read More:Electricity and Bible translation

Icy Lake Michigan

Today we are sharing images from a mostly-ice-covered Lake Michigan. It has been an impressive winter,which is finally losing the battle with Springtime. Two weeks ago Chaz and I (Helga) spent an hour walking out on the ice. As far as the eye could see,all the way to the horizon,there was ice . . . →Read More:Icy Lake Michigan

Listen to Psalms sung in Pokomchi

Here is some video Chaz took of the Pokomchi team in Guatemala singing Psalm 121,in their own heart language,set to their own tune. Chaz will be continuing as a consultant for this team.



An old friend

Chaz reports:“Last week we heard from Colombian missionaries Anita and Luis Sanchez,who have worked with the Emberas in Bible teaching at various locations. Our old friend Roberto who helped us in learning the language was staying with them while recovering from a surgical repair to his ankle. Roberto slipped and fell 150 meters . . . →Read More:An old friend

In honor of a life

This week it is most appropriate to honor one who has gone before us,Wycliffe translator Marilyn Cathcart. Our colleague Lynn Dennis writes,“Marilyn Cathcart went to be with the Lord on Saturday,March 1,after a long and fruitful life serving the Lord in Colombia. She and her partner,Lois Lowers,served the Cacua . . . →Read More:In honor of a life

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