This weekend!

Please join us in your thoughts and prayers this weekend as we celebrate this joyful occasion!

On to publication!!!

Remember our blog post from a couple weeks ago,from long-time colleagues in Colombia? Here is the sequel,sent by the translation team. Thank you for your prayers for the K translation!! Thank you so much for your prayers! God sustained and enabled,and we survived our very long days,and were just able . . . →Read More:On to publication!!!

Problems with geography in Joshua

The job of the translator is not only to render the Bible’s words in the target language but to check the comprehension of the draft by a sampling of typical readers. From comprehension testing the translator can assure that the draft is or is not communicating the intended meaning. However,when the translator cannot ascertain . . . →Read More:Problems with geography in Joshua

A little over two weeks away

In the midst of work on consulting,editing,translating,etc.,our family life marches on. 16 days from today,Kirsten will get married and Aaron Haverberg will join our family. We can’t help but say the old standby:“Where has the time gone?”We enjoyed our years with her in our household and are thankful . . . →Read More:A little over two weeks away

Report from the Wycliffe USA Board meeting

Here are highlights from the recent Wycliffe USA board meeting. Rejoice with us at lots of progress and good news!

“In the spring of 2014,the Wycliffe USA Board of Directors,along with the President and most of the Executive Leadership Team,traveled to Lima,Peru,where the Board convened the first meeting of the . . . →Read More:Report from the Wycliffe USA Board meeting

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