Field requests for Translator’s Notes

I (Helga) periodically receive requests straight from translators for copies of our Spanish Translator’s Notes documents. The completed ones are available in several resources electronically,but sometimes the requests are for volumes we are still working on. Here are some recent requests:

“I’m working with the Colombian Sign Language translation team and want to inquire . . . →Read More:Field requests for Translator’s Notes

Picking out the tiny stones

Our supervisor,Bill Bivin,is the Translation Coordinator for the whole Americas Area. He is also a good friend of ours from our years in Panama. Our kids spent a lot of formative years together. In fact,Danny was best man at Bill and Ann’s son’s wedding a month ago. Bill wrote recently in his . . . →Read More:Picking out the tiny stones

And in Colombia…

We have some very encouraging news. David and Penelope Pickens are translators for the Tado people of Colombia and we have shared a number of requests for them over time. Here is some praise. Their latest letter:

“Liam took some vacation time and decided to return to those jungle communities that he considered safe to . . . →Read More:And in Colombia…

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