Ebola in Liberia

Today we share news from the other side of the world,from a fellow translator,Becky Grossmann. She is a member of Lutheran Bible Translators,www.lbt.org,although her original training was done with the Summer Institute of Linguistics,at the same time that we were training in Dallas,in the late 80’s. In fact, . . . →Read More:Ebola in Liberia

The Jesus film in Guatemala

Here is the latest news from Edgar and Melanie Rodriguez,our colleagues with CRU working on the Jesus film all around the Americas. Edgar and Doug Schermerhorn,our former translation partner from Panama,arrived the day before Chaz left Guatemala,but they did not have a chance to even see each other. They went to . . . →Read More:The Jesus film in Guatemala

Update on Kuna Bible dedication

This report came early this past week. The dedication was to take place this past Wednesday. We have not heard futher word,but will share it as soon as we can. This gives you an idea of some of the complications involved at the end of a Bible translation project!

Dear Prayer Partners,

. . . →Read More:Update on Kuna Bible dedication

First Kuna Bible dedication today!

From Keith and Wilma Forster,received yesterday:

Dear Prayer Team,

It is 6:00 am here in Panama. The folks who are going to attend the first of the three Kuna Bible Dedications got on their way to Muladupu 4:30 am. They are traveling by 4X4 vehicle to the coast. Pray for safety on the road . . . →Read More:First Kuna Bible dedication today!

Scripture Earth

Once the Scriptures are translated,many ministry tools become available. Since the Northern Embera translation was finished in 2010,it has become available in various formats:the printed Bible,the New Testament in audio (now being played by two radio stations in eastern Panama),the Jesus film and the latest is a website called . . . →Read More:Scripture Earth

Upcoming Bible dedication in Panama

Our former colleagues from Panama,Keith and Wilma Forster,are down in Panama about to celebrate the dedication of the San Blas Kuna Bible. The Forsters have committed many years to the Kuna people,working on more than one translation for them. They were great encouragers to us also in our work with the Emberas . . . →Read More:Upcoming Bible dedication in Panama

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