It’s all in the details

Here is a checklist of what we work through on the Spanish Translator’s Notes team. This part of the job is electronic formatting of a volume of translation commentary and advice. These are points to work through in the formatting,which serve to make a page of ordinary text look a specific,uniform way for . . . →Read More:It’s all in the details

From InterMission Global 2014

A note from a event that happened just this past week near Bangkok:

…This SIL-hosted event has been designed to bring together representatives from all parts of the globe who are passionate about seeing local communities grow in Scripture engagement,Bible translation and language development for holistic transformation.

“As I write,240 current . . . →Read More:From InterMission Global 2014

Behind the scenes of the Jesus film

Edgar Rodriguez gives inside information on his recent trip to Guatemala. See his previous report here.

“We just wanted to say thank you for your prayers during my recent trip to Guatemala. The week was a success and God has worked out most of the logistics and details for the South Central Cackchiquel language . . . →Read More:Behind the scenes of the Jesus film

Kuna Bible dedication report

Here are some words from Keith and Wilma Forster about the recent Kuna Bible dedication:

“It is hard to believe that three weeks have passed since those very special days in Panama when the Kuna Bible was dedicated. How grateful we are to the Lord for the wonderful way in which He blessed each . . . →Read More:Kuna Bible dedication report

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