Working for native translators from home

One of the beautiful things about modern technology is that we can work from home. Consulting,mentoring,editing,planning,budgeting,etc. can all be done from the study or home office or living room or even coffee shop! Chaz and I both have home offices,his in the extra bedroom and mine in the basement, . . . →Read More:Working for native translators from home

Urgent prayer from Edgar in Guatemala

This just came today from our colleague Edgar Rodriguez,currently in Guatemala preparing for a voice recording for the Jesus film in the South Central and Western Cakquichel languages.

Hi dear friends,

I am taking a minute to reach out to you from a small town here in Guatemala to ask you for an urgent . . . →Read More:Urgent prayer from Edgar in Guatemala

Wycliffe Christmas gift catalog

Here is a chance to spend Christmas gift money for something eternal –the translation of the Bible into people’s heart languages all over the world. Wycliffe has a gift catalog this year with a variety of projects you can donate to,starting with the ministry we are involved in here in the Americas. As . . . →Read More:Wycliffe Christmas gift catalog

A walk to Emmaus

I (Helga) had a rare privilege last weekend. I took 3 days out of my busy life to be still,to reflect,to ignore the clock and my phone and my email and my to-do list,and to just –be –a child of God. I attended a Walk to Emmaus reflection weekend at . . . →Read More:A walk to Emmaus

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