Tribute to a translator

Here is David and Penelope Pickens’tribute to Liam,a strong believer and one of the translators of the Bible for his people in Colombia.

Libardo (Liam) Waitoto 1970 –2015

After checking 1 Peter with us [David,Chaz,F and C,two other native speaker translators] yesterday afternoon, . . . →Read More:Tribute to a translator

Prayer for translations nearing the finish line

This just came in from the prayer request department of the Americas Group of SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics). Phil worked extensively in 2010-2011 with Chaz and Doug on the final typesetting and proofreading of the Embera Scriptures.

“Please pray for Phil Leckrone this week and in the weeks to come. This week he . . . →Read More:Prayer for translations nearing the finish line


Volcan de Fuego,the original trouble-maker






A golf course provides some gorgeous scenery.

Volcan Palapa

Here’s a video of the volcano spewing. Volcano erupting

The noise is the wind,not an earthquake or the noise of the eruption.

. . . →Read More:Volcanoes

Meeting up on the run

How fun to run into friends and colleagues in airports! Chaz and Edgar Rodriguez had touched base about seeing each other in Guatemala,but the timing and locations were not going to mesh. But then came Chaz’s travel adventures,trying to get to Guatemala despite volcanic eruption,and having to delay for over a day. . . . →Read More:Meeting up on the run

Ways to pray

Here are some resources to help you pray more effectively:

-for Bible translation projects in the Americas (link to a PDF of projects in the Americas region,listed by country. Check out the ones in Guatemala –part of the group Chaz consults with 4 times a year)

-for specific projects,as part of a . . . →Read More:Ways to pray

The whole process of creating a Spanish Translator’s Notes volume

This week I thought you might enjoy seeing the whole process of the adaptation and publishing of a volume of Translator’s Notes. Note after each person’s name is the location where they live and work. Thanks to internet and phones,we can work together although we live far apart. It is an ongoing challenge to . . . →Read More:The whole process of creating a Spanish Translator’s Notes volume

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