What Bible version do we translate from?

(Taken from the Wycliffe.org website) This is a good answer to the question we are asked a lot. It’s a blessing to have many versions of the Bible in our language,but many people want to know which version we use to translate the Bible. We’re happy to tell you!

Actually,we don’t translate from . . . →Read More:What Bible version do we translate from?

Devotionals from translators

Here is a resource for your daily reading and reflection,a series of short narratives and thoughts from the field,written by the translators themselves. Note that you can read it online,or download a copy to keep on your computer or device.


Two new Translator’s Notes volumes

I am excited to announce that the faithful members of the Spanish Translator’s Notes team have published two volumes for native translators! Here are the title pages for the volume of translation helps on the book of Ruth and for the book of the epistle of James. They are published electronically on two different software . . . →Read More:Two new Translator’s Notes volumes

Celebrating accomplishments and news with Wycliffe USA

Here is an upcoming event with Wycliffe USA:

On April 9 from 10-11:30 a.m. ET,Wycliffe USA will host a Spring Scripture Celebration. This is a beautiful opportunity to corporately thank God for recently translated Scriptures. If you know someone who lives in the Orlando area or who would like to travel to . . . →Read More:Celebrating accomplishments and news with Wycliffe USA

Q&A with the Bible translation consultant

Thank you all for your prayers for Chaz these last few weeks! Here’s his story in his own words.

1. How long did it take you to actually get to Guatemala? How about your suitcase?

From the time Helga dropped me off at the airport,it took about 46 hours to . . . →Read More:Q&A with the Bible translation consultant

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