Life as an editor

One of my many jobs within the coordination of the Spanish Translator’s Notes team is that of editor. As the volume is getting prepared for uploading to the translation software,the formatter and I go back and forth on lots of details –errors,typos,unclear portions,etc. etc. I go through each line of . . . →Read More:Life as an editor

Need and inquiries for Translator’s Notes

My job with Wycliffe Bible Translators is coordinating a team of people producing translation helps and commentaries for Spanish-speaking mother tongue,or native,translators around the Americas (that includes North,Central and South America). We start with a series written in English,Translator’s Notes,which provide commentary and practical translation advice for books of the . . . →Read More:Need and inquiries for Translator’s Notes

Wycliffe Bible Translators at a glance




Here is a snapshot of the world of Wycliffe,at the end of 2014. You can also read the full annual report.

Indigenous evangelists

We just received this report from translators in Guatemala who are working with the Achí translators on the Bible translation. This is one of the 8 language groups working alongside each other in Guatemala in consultation with Chaz and other consultants. This has been happening this week,through the weekend.

“Imagine a group . . . →Read More:Indigenous evangelists

From a consultant’s notes –Destroying faith

A Bible translator has to check his own cultural perspective at the door when studying passages from ancient times,written in other languages on distant continents. 1 Corinthians 8 is a short but surprisingly difficult chapter to translate,and for a number of reasons. First of all,there are terms in the passage that . . . →Read More:From a consultant’s notes –Destroying faith

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